Flower Child

Arrrgh, didn’t have a chance to download some pictures and videos last night!  When I got home last night, both Kiggster and I were so tired that while she was nursing, we both fell asleep.  In between that time, Honey came home from our midweek church devotional, came up to get the keys, went downstairs to move the car and transfer the carseat, then back upstairs and was changing before I even woke up to realize what was happening!  Crazy! 

So ever since becoming parents, Honey and I have been given quite some unexpected “labels!”  We never would have thought we’d be called those things or associated in that way.  I would never categorize us as being the “hippy-ish” type of parents but apparently, people think we are.  We’ve been called hippy-dippy, granola-munchy!  Hmmm, really?!  I always thought hippy parents were the super carefree, free love, tree-hugging and pot-smoking type.  But apparently, even though we’re not any of those, we fall into that category because of some of the choices we’ve made.  So we decided to go cloth with the Kiggster for her own health.  I didn’t like the gel stuff in the disposables and wanted to minimize the diaper rash issue for her.  Never did going “green” or saving the Earth cross my mind, but apparently things good for your health are also good for the Earth so there you have it, I’ve become a tree-hugger too!  We’re like the only ones of our friends that actually use cloth diapers…some think it’s gross.   Then we decided during my pregnancy to do organic produce as much as possible just because of all the research out there about pesticides and it’s affects on people, especially young kids.  Apparently, Kiggster’s name is really granola-muchy too.  Really?!  Rayne?!  Hmmm, oh well, we love it! 

Then to save money, we use things like reusable water bottles and reusable snack bags but apparently saving money equals tree-hugger too!  Then for all the things that the pediatrician recommends, I look for the most “natural” product possible.  So when he suggested Vitamin E, teething relief and baby tylenol stuff, I looked for things that don’t have a bunch of nasty sugar, chemicals, preservatives, etc.  Then the other day at church, Kiggster had a flower in her ear when she went to her babies’ class.  Honey had taken her with him on a prayer walk and she must have plucked a flower so he put it in her ear.  Well, another mom saw her and said, “I could totally see you guys doing that.  You guys will totally have a flower child on your hands!”  Eek, I guess the hippy parents will have a hippy baby too!  Does that really make us hippy-dippy?  If all that makes us hippy-dippy, granola-munchy…I guess we are!  And lovin’ it!

Peace out folks, hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some beautiful pictures of my flower child!


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