Forecast: Sunshine & Rayne-bows

HAPPY 6 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Yup, if you haven’t already called/text/emailed Rayne, it’s her birthday today!  We were supposed to do her 1st feeding today but she slept right through it!  So the nice and ripe avocado will have to wait until I get back from work!

So it’s been beautiful weather this past week!  Too bad, I’ve had to be at work through most of it.  We went for a little walk around our neighborhood on Wednesday night after I got back from work.  Can you tell it’s nice and sunny out?!  Well, Kiggster was awake and participating in the walk on the Bjorn but halfway through, she fell asleep.  To keep her head from falling uncomfortably, he kept his hand as a holder for her!  Papa is always so thoughtful!

Well, as you probably already remembered, yesterday was Treasured Thursdays and the Kiggster and I usually get to go enjoy the day together!  Well, yesterday’s schedule was packed!  After she woke up from her nap, her Yee-Po came to visit her at the house and play with her.  It was the first time Yee-Po got to see her on a Thursday.  Thanks Yee-Po for taking your vacation day to spend time with us!  The Kiggster wasn’t in her smiliest/giggliest mood yesterday, but even then she’s still super duper cute!


Mommy, Yee-Po won’t stop kissing me!!!

Not again!!!!

Overwhelmed after all the kissing and playing!

The classic Save-Me-Mommy Look!

Then after all the fun, we headed over to Tai-Po & Tai-Gong’s house (Great Grandma & Great Grandpa).  She was still in her funky mood when she arrived, I think she just really needed another nap but everyone wanted a piece of the Kiggster!  She whined a lot when she was held by them, but we did get her distracted enough to stop whining and sit still for pictures.

The happy Great-Grandparents w/the Kiggster!

So throughout our visit there, you can tell how extremely experienced Tai-Po and Tai-Gong are with babies because they used some very creative distraction techniques on the Kiggster…

It’s like dangling a carrot in front of a horse, except they’re keys in front of the Kiggster!  Because she didn’t stop whining while being held by other people besides me, Tai-Gong decided to distract her with his impressive key collection!  There’s about 10+ keys on his key chain that he carries around with him at all times.  He was jingling it right in front of her to keep her happy!

Can you tell from the picture what’s happening?!  Let me share with you!  So Tai-Po came out with a bright orange squirt gun and mustard colored rake for her.  While the Kiggster held onto the squirt gun, Tai-Po used the rake to “massage” her feet.  The rake reminded me of the back scratcher my dad used to have growing up and he’d always use it to scratch his back until it was all red.  Tai-Po was much more gentle of course and at one point I looked over and the Kiggster was leaned back onto Tai-Po with a very chilled and relaxed look on her face while she was getting massaged with the rake.  If only she was being fed grapes and fanned with leaves but she sure was enjoying herself!

Mommy & Me at Tai-Po/Tai-Gong’s house!

 So what’s next you ask?!  Library!!!!  Yee-Po walked with us to the library today and it was such a beautiful day for a walk too.  We were bringing back about 10 books to the library, all of which we’d read and loved.  But it was time for some new ones.  We were on the search for more Dr. Seuss books and getting ready for bedtime books.  Well, let’s just say we scored even bigger than we could have imagined.  Kiggster fell asleep the moment I put her in the Ergo carrier but that didn’t stop us from finding some fun books though!

See all the books behind us?!

Yee-Po found us some fun books like I Love Dogs and 1,2 I Love You.  I on the other hand found some fun gardening books for kids.  Thought those would be nice since we’re gonna be doing lotsa gardening soon!  Good thing the library has a 50 book checkout limit and 3 renewals!  We walked out with 19 books, all for the Kiggster.  We also borrow music books for the piano so we can play those together too and can play different songs all the time.  This time we have Country music on the playlist! 

 Guess who woke up after we checked out our books?!  Doesn’t she look so cute with her I-just-woke-up rosy cheeks?!  So we walked back to Tai-Po/Tai-Gong’s house and guess who we saw for the first time ever?!  Sai Kow Gong (Youngest Great-Uncle)!!!  Well, it was Kiggster’s first time meeting him!

After a very short photo-op, he said he had to go back to work…right, on Cinco de Mayo!  well, we were headed to JC Penney’s to use some free money to update Mommy’s wardrobe! Woohoo!  She was so patient with me as I tried on dresses and she was a very good shopping assistant picking out clothes for me!   After we left JCP with 2 dresses and a top for Mommy, it was time for our weekly grocery store trip to Trader Joes.  She was such a good helper!  When we were picking out tomatoes, she helped me choose some and even held them curiously in her little hands!  It was super cute!  Afterwards, we were ready to leave TJs and head home to see Daddy!

So what’s in store for this coming weekend you ask?!  Who knows!  But gardening will be in there because we just got some of our seeds in the mail and we’re ready to rock ‘n roll in that little plot!  Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures!


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