Free Blogger Opp: 8 Weeks of High-End Designer Handbag Giveaways

This is not the actual giveaway yet but for the all the awesome bloggers out there who are interested in bringing you this giveaway!  It is being brought to you by HipSwap and they are sponsoring 8 different designer handbags to you each week for an 8 week consecutive giveaway!  This will be starting soon so don't wait to sign up and join this event!  The first 7 weeks will each feature a different high-end designer bag-some straight from the closets of your favorite celebrities!  I can't wait to find out who they all are but word has it that the first week will feature a Fendi handbag from the closet of a Dancing With the Stars Celebrity!  The 8th and final week will feature a coveted handbag and will offer readers bonus entries for having entered the previous giveaways leading up to this one!  This will be a great opportunity for tons of return traffic to your site but there's even a referral prize for the blogger who refers the most sign ups to this event!  Don't wait, this event will be starting soon, sign up here!  If you want to enter the giveaway, don't forget to check back at Kangaroo Mama for the giveaway!  

Fill out this form here to sign up for the event!

Let them know that Kangaroo Mama referred you, look forward to being a part of the event with you!


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