Friday the 13th…Ooooh

So 2012 just hit the road running…leaving me behind!  How is it that it’s already Friday, January13th…hehe Friday the 13th!  So for some good news sharing: Honey got an offer for a part-time internship that he’s very excited about and even might start teaching a class to high school girls soon related to Android programming.  Then he also has another interview next week for another part-time internship.  It’s crazy to think that for 2 years he was getting discouraged about not having the jobs he interviewed for work out but now all at once, he has several opportunities.  It scares me to think that he’ll be so busy this coming year with school, work, and studying that maybe I won’t be able to see him much but on the other hand, I am so excited for him.  I know God gave him these past 2 years to enjoy some much needed time off and have the last 14 months to spend with Kiggster, helping her to turn into the wonderful toddler that she is, and being such an amazing father to her!  He was actually sad thinking how he would no longer have that time with her in another week and I was sad for him too.  But Kiggster will have great times to look back on!  They have created some amazing memories together and no one (not even me) could have replaced, recreated, or experienced the same memories as they did together!  Hmm, I think I am inspired to do a memoir of Kiggster/Honey moments together for the week he starts school!

Some milestones for Kiggster lately:

Last week, she started enjoying throwing stuff.  She used to only hold and let go of items but not the act of flinging something to throw it.  Well, she knows it now and even has the sound effects to go along with it.  While throwing something, she’ll also say, “Doh,” “Dai,” “Dah,” and other variations of those sounds!  It’s pretty funny! We were at the park on Sunday and she was playing with all the gopher mounds.  She loves dirt and was grabbing handfuls of it and flinging it.  A lot of it got on her, me, Honey…everywhere!  All three of us needed showers after that trip to the park but I think the gophers had their work cut out for them after she left!  That’s Honey and Kiggster at the park, just before the gopher mound destruction…

She also enjoys climbing on top of us after we’ve eaten and bounce up and down on our stomachs.  I think she must be trying to help us regurgitate our food because that’s exactly how we feel when she’s doing it.  She is not a gentle one and early in the morning, she likes to be our bouncing alarm clock too!

Honey told me that one of our friends from San Diego was telling her daughter about Kiggster and her daughter loves her name so much that she wants to name her future daughter Rayne too!  Hehe, she’s already starting a trend!

Kiggster got this cute little piggy bank toy and she does enjoy it!  At first she didn’t know how to insert the plastic coins into the slot so she would always try to put them vertically into a horizontal slot with her right hand.  Then she learned that it won’t go in that way and she puts the coin in her left hand and puts it in correctly!  She hasn’t been able to do it with her right hand but for some reason, with the left hand, she can.  She also found another use for the piggy bank, it makes a great stool!  It seems to be the perfect height for her and she loves it.

So lately, Kiggster’s eating habits have gotten kind of strange but I’ve heard it’s a phase that kids go through.  She will eat a “full” meal about every other day.  So one day she eats like she’s never seen food before then the next day, she’ll graze.  She eats mostly oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and occasionally eats other things.  Wednesday night’s newest craze was peas, she wouldn’t stop stuffing them in her mouth because she thought it was the funnest thing.  I guess they are pretty fun to eat so I can’t blame her!  Well, I leave you with that as we head off onto our weekend.

Choo-choo!!! Kiggster and her buddy, Bella riding on their train together!  Can you tell it was a nice day outside?!  As they’ve been getting older, they are enjoying each other’s company more and more!  Kiggster now is starting to (as of 2 weeks ago), starting to allow people a little more into her space.  More so with other kids.  Usually in the past, they would lean in for a hug or to touch her hand and she gives them the palm and a shove but as of late, she actually not only allows them to give  her a hug, once in awhile, she will return the favor!  She is changing so fast but hopefully Honey and I can soak it all in fast enough!  Happy Friday the 13th!!!! 


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