Fundraising For Anti-Bullying Campaigns: Slap Dash Things Jewelry By a 10 Year Old!

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I was recently introduced to a shop called Slap Dash Things that was started by an 11 year-old girl with the help of her mom and I was definitely touched by the inspiration behind her starting her fundraising efforts.  Jenelle understands first hand about being bullied and instead of retreating, she has taken action to fundraise money for anti-bullying efforts!  I wish I had the courage to do something like this when I was growing up but instead I allowed depression and insecurities take over me.  I remember middle school years being the worst years for me, where the verbal bullying was so bad that all I wanted to ever do was stay home and avoid school.  I remember it happening during class one time and the teacher heard so she asked the 3 boys to formulate an apology.  When it was time for their apology, they all stood up in front of class and sang a song…making fun of me and calling me names instead.  So the teacher didn't know what to do about this and just asked them to sit back down while I was asked to leave the class room and take some time in the bathroom because I was crying hysterically from anger, embarrassment and frustration!  So when I read about Jenelle's struggle with bullies from both verbal and physical abuse, I knew I had to help her spread the word about their efforts.  Though I was very sad to see that the school Jenelle attended not only did nothing to help, in fact, they blamed her and punished her instead in many situations!  

Slap Dash Collage

Jenelle, with the help of her mom, have started a jewelry business called Slap Dash Things where $1-$2 of every piece is donated towards anti-bullying campaigns.  She makes these super cute guitar pick jewelry pieces, mini bottle necklaces, and more.  Their official Grand Opening is tonight at 10pm CST and you can check out all her jewelry here on the Slap Dash Things Etsy Store.  You can even read about her story on her mom's blog, Slap Dash Mom.


Plus, you can further help their efforts by sending them your empty/used gift cards so they can use them to make their guitar pick jewelry.  Gift cards can be mailed to the following address:

Jenelle Lankford

PO Box 430026

St. Louis, MO 63143



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