Future College Grad

So on Tuesday, the Kiggster went to her very 1st college class!  Yup, who needs preschool, elementary, and high school anyways?!  Honey was supposed to bring her to his mom’s house that afternoon and as he was driving, he was just talking to her next to him (he has a 2 seater truck so she sits on the passenger side next to him).  Well, on the whole drive he was just talking to her and keeping her entertained, little did he know but he went on auto-pilot and drove her straight to school with him.  So then it was too late to drive back and drop her off so he had to take her with him to class and see if that was going to work out.  She got gawked at a lot by everyone in the class, including the professor-who wouldn’t want to at such a cutie pie?!  Honey said she didn’t last too long in class before the fussing and crying started-then the professor said, “Too boring for you?!”  So Honey had to leave class early that day.  Kiggster definitely takes after her Papa with the smarts but also takes after Mama for being notorious in ditching class! =/  Well, that was her very 1st college class on Network Programming at USF!  My baby is growing up too fast!

So yesterday was Treasured Thursdays and Po-Po and I took the Kiggster to visit her Tai-Ma (great-grandma) and they both had a lot of fun together!  Then afterwards, we waited at the house for her Yee-Yee and Gong-Gong (Kiggster Grandpa/My Papa) to come home from work and Honey to join us after class. 

Gong-Gong & Kiggster having a staring contest!


If only you could see the drool comin’ out of the Kiggster’s mouth!  She totally enjoyed it!

Then Gong-Gong had her watch TV with him (his favorite past-time) and I couldn’t get either of them to look at the camera for a picture after that!  *sigh* And my family wonders why I get so immersed into TV, I think it’s in my blood!

Stay tuned for some more photos-if you’re all lucky, I may post this weekend with some more photos!


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