Gifts for Daddy-to-Be Part 1: Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

Guess what we found cleaning the other day?! A gift that I made for the baby shower to give to Honey.

During my pregnancy, I knew I wanted Honey to feel involved and included.  So much of pregnancy and having a baby can revolve around mom-to-be and baby that the husband/dads can feel like an outsider.  Honey was such a huge part of this pregnancy and birth (no not just ’cause he got me pregnant) and he was so involved in all the details of preparing for Kiggster’s arrival!  There was no way I wouldn’t or couldn’t involve him more!  We had a Jack ‘n Jill shower (means men and women invited) because I knew we were just as much celebrating me and Kiggster as we were celebrating Honey.  It was just as much of a miracle for him to be welcoming our baby!  I wanted to make the shower special for him too and not just with cutsie onesies or pretty in pink decor but things just for him to open at the shower.  I had 2 gifts for him and in this posting, I will share the one that Kiggster was giving him (she just didn’t know it yet)!

So you ask, “What could Kiggster possibly give as a gift?!”  Hmmm, I searched high and low on Google to put together ideas (too poor to buy something because anything labelled baby or somewhat related is ridiculously priced).  I came across this item and thought it was quite funny…

Daddy’s Diaper Changing Tool Box $37

So it’s got all your “essential” diaper changing elements but at a hefty price tag for items that I’m probably gonna throw in a corner and never pick up again (maybe except the tongs and turkey baster but not after using it for diaper changes!).  I wanted to try to use as much of the stuff I had on hand as possible or things that I can obtain for free.  I am a borderline hoarder so I knew I would have most of this stuff (what, I admitted and I can’t help it-it’s in my blood)!  Also, Honey’s mom also worked in lab so she could provide me with any missing elements that I wanted to have.  After searching through the house, I came up with an unused black apron (had a logo on it), packet of Tylenol, tongs, latex gloves, baby wipes, ear plugs, and diapers.  Things that I still needed or wanted were: biohazard/hazardous waste bags, lab goggles, mask, and a hair net.  I got them all from my MIL!  If I didn’t get actual biohazard bags, I had actually looked online for the artwork so I can print it on sticker paper or labels and stick it on a ziploc bag.  Instead I used my homemade biohazard stickers on the wrapping paper.


Materials I collected for the project:
Old apron
Iron-on patch to cover pre-existing logo on apron (optional)
Iron-on image
Latex Gloves
Ear Plugs
Baby Wipes
Biohazard Bags
Face Mask
Hair Net
Fabric Marker or Paint (I’m a cheater so I used Fabric markers)
Blow Dryer (optional for speeding up the drying time of the fabric marker)
A Cute Poem about diaper changes (optional)

I used the apron instead of a toolbox to hold all the necessities and even decorated it.  I wanted to buy as little or nothing as possible to keep this a low cost item since it’s more for laughs and memories than something useful.  I had to try to cover up the logo with something.  I went to JoAnn’s and bought an iron-on patch (the ones you patch up holes in your pants with) and ironed it over the existing logo.  It covered it pretty nicely (if you look closely, you still see and feel the embroidery underneath).  Then I also found this cute iron-on patch that said “Argh, Wipe Me Booty” with a little skull on it.  I ironed that over the white patch and it actually turned out pretty cute.  Then for the pockets of the apron, I wrote, “Daddy’s Diaper Duty” with a fabric marker in silver.  Who knew there was such a thing like fabric markers!  I loved them, it was so easy to use and control.  Clean up compared to paints was such a breeze: just put the cap back on and throw into your craft drawer!  Then I took it under the blow dryer for a little bit to help speed up the drying time.  Although I think I only had to do that for a couple minutes because it was already mostly dried.

I saw some diaper related poems online (I don’t have the links since it was before I started the blog but if you think it belongs to you, contact me and we can see if credit is due to you and I will link-up) that I thought were really cute and just changed a couple of the lines to make it more relateable to our situation.  I also printed out some cute graphics off a Google Images search (I didn’t mind if some had a logo across the image) and glued them to the gift wrap.  Everyone at the baby shower loved the idea and people were laughing non-stop at Honey.  Honey was such a good sport, he totally put on most of the stuff in the apron and enjoyed the gift a lot.  Although, i didn’t let him use the kitchen tongs for changing real diapers since I pulled those from our kitchen!

This was a really inexpensive project for me and was fun putting together.  I slowly gathered items for the apron and made little tags for each item I was putting in there.  Just like how the Tool Box kit above had all the clever “descriptions” of each item, I also put those for my items.  All in all, I think I spent maybe $12 on the project (iron-on patch, iron-on image, and fabric marker) since I had most of everything in the house already or got them for free!  Are you ready to make your own inexpensive Daddy gift now?!  Stay tuned next Wednesday for the second Daddy gift project! Update: You can find Part 2: Daddy Delivery Scrubs here!

Doesn’t Honey look so happy with his new apron?!


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  1. Michelle F. says:

    Such a cute idea. I wish I would have thought of this for my husband.

  2. Amber Nara says:

    This is a fantastic Idea!!! you are very creative!!! I love it! I have to remember this one ;-)!!!!

    • Thanks so much Amber for visiting and I am glad you liked the idea. It was really inexpensive to make and this project was just a spin off from product I saw out there but it wasn’t money I had to pay at that time so I tried a DIY version of it!

  3. This is so neat. I wish I would have made one of these when I had my firsts.

  4. I LOVE it!
    Thanks for sharing…

  5. Jennifer Hogue says:

    I really wish I would have thought of something to put together for my husband when I was pregnant.The women get all the attention and the men just have to stand back and watch. What a great idea to put together a diaper changing tool box for dad! It's cute, funny and useful. A gift just for him! I think the next couple I know that has a kid I am going to do that.

    • Thanks Jennifer for stopping by! It was super fun to put together and everyone had such a great laugh about it at the shower. Hubby loved putting everything on (mask, goggles, gloves, apron, etc) and just posing for the photo! We definitely had to pull out a couple things from the apron like the wipes and stuff when we ran out in the room so it was not only funny but still useful! I loved that there was a gift especially for him and not just for either baby or for me!

  6. Anna Ellis says:

    I love this! Too cute!

  7. Such a cute idea! I'm gonna have to remember this when I have children. 🙂

  8. Angie Adelman says:

    I think what you did was a great idea.  He looked cute in his little gift.  It really gave him a way to be involved and I think that is a great idea.

  9. I love this! its so cool!!!

  10. Fiona N says:

    Nice collection for Dad! I usually get hard time to choose gift for my dad on his birthday, father's day… 
    Thank You So Much for sharing!

  11. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    What an innovative gift for All New Daddy's to Be. This will definately help them to avoid running in circles looking for each needed item.

  12. that's great!!  wish i had thought of that for my hubs!

  13. this is so cute and fun idea! i def agree i like havinga jack and jill shower… we did that too!

  14. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    What a funny and inexpensive idea, I love it!

  15. What a FANTASTIC idea!! i should have done this for a friend of mine who recently had a new baby, he would have gotton a kick out of that kit! I'll be keeping this in mind for my hubby when we're eventually expecting a bub 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to my 'Completely-a-Craftaholic' Blog Hop!!

  16. Really nice!
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  17. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Thanks so much Jeanna for stopping by and the encouraging comment!

  18. How cute is that? What a clever idea to give a new daddy…

    Jeanna @

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