Gifts for Daddy-to-Be Part 2: DIY Daddy Scrubs

So I previously shared about the Daddy Apron that I made for Honey as a gift to him from Kiggster during our baby shower.  Well, of course, I had to have a gift to him from me!  I saw these Daddy Scrubs online and thought they were a really neat idea!

The only problem with them is that they are $40 for a one time use!  I mean, I guess he could use them as PJs after the birth but I probably wouldn’t buy $40 PJs in the first place though.  So the frugal gears in my mind started turning.  I decided I was going to have to make my own to save money.  However, if you have to buy scrubs, you may not save much and might be better off buying them directly from Daddy Scrubs.  I had several options for scrubs but I decided buying new was out of the question.  I could look for some at thrift shops (seen some before but Honey’s a really small size so they always have those really big ones available) or ask my MIL to see if she had a cheap source.  What I hoped was she’d have some extras lying around (they usually have the most random stuff available).  I guess it’s not so random since she used to work for a hospital so I knew I was going to the right source!  She totally had some new scrubs for me to choose from and available in Honey’s size!  I chose a hunter green color and this one even came perfect with a little pocket.  I’m not much of a painter so me plus paint and paint brush usually equals disaster.  So I was at JoAnn’s searching for a less messy and quick option for the writing.   Guess what?!  I found fabric markers, didn’t even know those existed!  Well, I guess, I don’t usually do stuff with fabrics and the only things I’m familiar with are puffy paints but that would just make things way too girly, plus, I didn’t have time for it to dry secretively somewhere. They’re the same fabric markersI used for the Daddy Apron.  
So I only had limited time to work on my Honey projects and so my time frame for this project from start to finish (not include gathering of materials and washing of the scrubs) had to be completed within 1 1/2 hours! The fabric markers really helped to cut down on the time because I didn’t have to wait for stuff to dry or clean up after the paints, etc. (I hate cleaning up)!  This project ended up being super easy to make and had minimal “materials” needed!

Materials I Collected/Purchased for the Project:

Fabric Markers
Hair Dryer (Optional: dries fabric marker quicker)

Displaying his scrubs proudly to the crowd…I hope!
Is that a “what the heck is this” look or “wow, I’m excited” look?!

 I didn’t have a stencil and didn’t want to buy one so the words were written free-handed and I don’t have the neatest handwriting or write in a straight line so this was really going to be a challenge for me! I put a towel inside the scrubs in case the fabric marker leaked out too much ink and the nice part was, if I messed up, I just took a damp towel and wiped off parts of the mess up without it looking smeared.  I actually worked on the pocket first and just like MDs have their names embroidered there, Honey would also have his title, “Daddy.”  After I finished the pocket, I ran to the bathroom and ran it under a blow dryer.  It recommended allowing it to dry but I didn’t have time or a place for it so the blow dryer seemed to be the best option.  Then I did the same routine for the back side and wrote, “I’m The Daddy.”  Then I also wrote his full name and the title “daddy” near the seam of the pant legs.  I realize that might be a lot of words for not a lot of pant leg but oh well, it got kinda fun with the fabric marker so I just went for it!  I finished the project, dried it with the blow dryer, wrapped it up, and hid it somewhere secretive in the house before Honey came home.  I think I did well with timing!  So instead of $40 plus shipping, I spent about $5 for the marker and may have even had a 40% off coupon for it too!

Yes, you are!  No “Ifs, ands, or buts!”

Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of Honey wearing it during the birth because he didn’t actually wear it!  We packed it for him but the hospital actually never required him to change (even though during the tour they said dads HAD to wear hospital-provided scrubs) and the labor went so much quicker than expected that we really didn’t have time.  He just jumped right into things and was helping give me light touch massages, feed me yummy fig snacks, slow dance with me…by the time we realized he didn’t get to wear his scrubs, we were already packing up and getting ready to leave the hospital (You can read tid-bits about our birthing experience here)!  Guess it’s all ready for the next baby!  Hope this helps inspire you to make something special for your baby’s Daddy-to-be too!

Who’s ready to catch a baby?!


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