Glowing at Sunset

We love watching the sunset together!  Last weekend, we stayed longer in Half Moon Bay to avoid some dinner traffic so we went to our favorite lookout spot and watched the sunset together.  It was beautiful out!



Then Kiggster got hungry and so her and I headed back inside the car…


I had the most amazing view ever!  I love my Honey, he’s the most awesome husband, dad, BFF, and partner in crime EVER!  Love those pictures of him-it totally captures who he is-always deep in thought, soaking in nature, and reflecting on life.  It looked like he was standing between water but the reflection behind him is actually from the hood of our car!  Our car isn’t that clean but the reflection is quite deceiving!  I think I’m gonna try to fix up this photo and frame it, it’s too awesome not to!

This posting was supposed to be posted on Thursday but I never got to finish it so it’s become a Sunday posting instead because there will be lots to share next week from Halloween!

So I have to share the following two pictures even though I will be seriously discouraged to by Honey but it was too cute and funny not to…


She had just finished pooping and then reached over to grab a magazine and pulls out Business Times! Doesn’t she look like a natural poopin’ newspaper reader?!  Looooove it!


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