GoooOOO Giants!

Yes you guessed right, we were at the Giant’s game Monday night.  Thanks to Micah & Marilyn for taking us there for Roderick’s birthday!  So actually besides it being Rayne’s first Giant’s game, it was also Roderick & my first Giant’s game. Crazy I know but we never had the urge to pay for an actual ticket so we always checked out the stadium through the free opera in the park events!  I was running late from work -like 2 hours late but we still made it to the game.  Ok I think we arrived by like the 3rd inning and thanks to Micah’s extensive tutorial, I now know what an inning is!  Since we were so rushed I didn’t get a chance to get the Kiggster all festive for her 1st game but looking at her wardrobe, she actually doesn’t own any orange.  I remembered after the game about her uncle Jason’s (Kow Foo) gift to her while she was still in the womb…

Can you tell it’s like for a 4 year old child ’cause the shirt isn’t even on her but just laying on top of her?!  Well, it was exciting to head to the game, on our way walking to the stadium we sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and she was smiling and laughing.  By the time we got into the stadium and sat down for the game, this is how it went…


She was fast asleep for half the time, even through all the cheering and screaming.  She finally woke up when she got hungry.  It was way too crowded to feed her in those seats-there was no extra elbow room.  Luckily, some nice couple with a baby boy was leaving the stadium as we were heading to the game and they gave us their Club Level seats!  Sweet!  Who ever you are, thank you so much, it was awesome!  Marilyn and I went to feed Kiggy indoors at the club level so she could be more comfortable.  The Club level stadium seats seemed a little bit more spacious but still outdoors  but their bathrooms were cleaner and they had ample indoor seating.  After she ate, we took some pictures around the club level…


She looks really bundled in those pictures huh?!  Thanks to her aunt Tina (YeeYee), she’s ready for a blizzard in that outfit.  When we headed back up to our seats, the game was almost over but for our family’s first Giant’s game, we saw a win!  It was a fun night together and I felt like I was breaking all the rules going out on a work night!



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