Great Cousins…Literally

From left: Derek, Jasper, Vivian w/Kiggy

So yesterday we blogged about the boogey monster…oh I mean Kiggy’s Kow Gong.  Today let’s talk about his kids, Vivian, Jasper, and Derek.  So they’re my cousins, which makes them Kiggy’s Great-Cousins-sounds really old huh?! I must say, I’ve been thoroughly surprised at how well they do with Kiggy and how much they enjoy taking care of her.  I thought maybe they were too young to care much about babies but boy have I been wrong.  They were amongst some of the first people to come and visit at the hospital the day she was born.  They were all excited to hold her and take pictures and of course gawk at how adorable she was.  I think Derek was the most hesitant, he was afraid to hold her that morning and made sure he was sitting down first before allowing someone to put her in his arms.  It was totally cute.  Then they came to visit a second time the week after she came home from the hospital.  There was no more hesitance from any of them in holding her.  They were even taking turns holding her and rocking her back and forth.  The more times they’ve been around her, the more comfortable they’ve been.


Now even Derek will walk around holding her and they are all looking like pros…and from a mother’s perspective, babysitting potentials! =P  Now if I could just work on getting them comfortable with dirty diapers-the reaction this Saturday that I got was, “EWWWW, I don’t do dirty diapers, but I’ll babysit!”  All I have to say is, Vivian, dirty diapers comes with the job of babysitting! I love how patient they are with Kiggy too.  There have been many times where they visit and she is sleeping or eating through most of the visit but they never complain or make comments about her eating again or too much or wake her up now or make her eat later, etc.  I actually expected that from kids but they are the ones that have pleasantly surprised me with their patience and love for her.  Although it was funny seeing them on Saturday playing with all of Kiggy’s toys.  We’ve been experimenting with different toys to see what she’d like and take onto so al the toys are just sitting around the house.  Well, let’s just say if the batteries are drained out of them, it’s not because of Kiggy playing with them but because of Vivian, Jasper, and Derek.  It was awesome! 


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