Hammer Time

Oh, a blast to the past…  How could we forget MC Hammer?!  Well, I did until I put these on the Kiggster over the weekend…


I’m pretty sure they’re Hammer Pants aka parachute pants, harem pants, aladdin pants…oh so many names for this one pair of pants!  If only there was a name to actually make it look better than it is!  She looked so funny when I put them on-the picture doesn’t show it as well though-it just looks like a big blob but I guess maybe that ‘s how people look on the bottom half when they’re walking around the streets with these pants.   My MIL got her a bunch of cute clothes & included in the bunch were these pair of pants.  Actually Kiggy is so loved (not spoiled), both her grandmas & aunts gave her a lot of cute clothes, toys, etc… can I be a baby again?!  Anyways, I digress-so I couldn’t help but sing “Can’t Touch This” to her when I put on those pants-we even did a dance to it!  She was laughing during our Hammer song & dance…she’s old school like that!   So now how do we remedy this fashion faux pas?!  Hmmm, what would Stacy & Clinton do?!  We couldn’t possibly let her wear just that out, there are baby fashion rules to keep in mind too!  I know…

We put on a cute dress over it and you can’t even tell!  We’ll have to do the Hammer song & dance again next time!  You can’t touch this….


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