Happy 11 Months!

Wow, Kiggster is 11 months today!  Happy birthday my cutie pie!  I cannot believe it, it’s flown by so fast.  So I spent the last couple nights putting together a little photo collage thing for Saturday’s party and I can’t believe how different she looks now than when she was born.  Both Honey and I were shocked looking back at the pictures because before looking at old pictures, we thought she looked the same, maybe bigger but nope, she’s definitely changed.  She a little lady now!  Oh oh oh, she also hit another milestone yesterday.  One that I’m not quite sure I’m ready for but she apparently is!  After I came home from work yesterday, we were playing in her room and she stood up to get to something.  Then slowly and very cautiously, without assistance, she started walking her first 3 steps, then reached out and grabbed a hold of something nearby.  I can’t believe it, she’s going to be walking soon!  It looked really awkward the way she walked but I’m sure it was since she hadn’t really done it before!  I’m excited and nervous all at the same time-this is crazy!  Wait ’til you see her next time, you’re gonna have a hard time catching up with her!

As you probably can tell, I’m trying to update my blog a little and hopefully soon it will look prettier and be more user friendly.  Life has been so busy and crazy that I haven’t had a chance to blog everyday like I’d hoped but if you want to be notified whenever a new post happens, you can subscribe to the blog via email.  On the right hand side, you’ll see where to enter your email address and it will send you an email every time I do a new post!

Okay, so to drive in my point some more of how crazy things have been, I was going to have Random Wednesday today but realized that it’s not Wednesday anymore…I missed Wednesday yesterday!  *sigh*  Only I would do something that silly!  So it will be Random Thursday today instead…

You think that says anything about our current financial situation or what?!  Hahaha!  That was Honey’s “fortune” last weekend and we were like, “Huh?!”  I guess we’re supposed to go seek out a pessimist-anyone wanna sign up to lend us money?  I can’t believe the quality of fortune cookie fortunes these days, that’s so not encouraging or even fun to read!  Oh well, at least it was free with the meal…


Isn’t that a cool looking dragon?!  We went to Fog Fest last weekend…or was it the weekend prior?!  They had sand sculpting contests and this was a cool one we likes.  I was so afraid that Kiggster would stick her hand or foot right into the head of the dragon and ruining it or Honey would slip and fall right into the whole thing.  I could just see how that wouldn’t end well and how we’d explain our way out of that one!  Good thing it was still intact after we left!  We walked to the pier afterwards to catch some waves.



Can you tell she didn’t appreciate me squashing her face with mine?!  Didn’t even know I was doing that but she’s so snuggable, it’s just natural I would do that!  She loves the waves and the beach, she actually (aside from the photos) kept looking out towards the water.  Every time the waves crashed against the shore, she would look back at it with fascination (totally not scared) and even let out a squeal or two!


Wish I would have shared those pictures above yesterday when I was blogging about Daddy & Kiggster moments, but Mommy-brain got in the way!  Aren’t they totally cute reading their 10 Little LadyBugs book together before bedtime?!

Well, that concludes our Random…Thursday for today!  Hope you’re all staying dry and warm out in this dreary weather!  Too bad you can’t wear a cute little jumper like me, I’m snuggled safely inside a cozy home…


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