Happy 3rd Birthday Kiggster!

I can’t believe this but Kiggster is 3 today!  It seemed like just yesterday that we found out we were pregnant and it was such a nice surprise to us.  Then on November 6, 2010 our teeny-tiny, cuddly, and super adorable firecracker was born!  She wasn’t anything more than 6 pounds when she was born but now my little baby is 3 and though she still likes being carried, is no longer 6 pounds but closer to 30 pounds!  That was her when she was 2 weeks old, when even her premie onesies and cloth diapers were swimming on her!  Now she totally has her own opinions, wants to dress herself, enjoys painting, cutting with scissors, riding on ponies, swimming, singing, dancing, gymnastics, bounce castles, climbing, jumping off things, and just being super silly!Roo 2013 Bday

I don’t even know where all the time has gone and how she is already 3 but I love being able to spend more time with her at home watching her learn and grow.  I have such mixed feelings about her turning 3, I can’t figure out whether or not I want her to be three yet.  It makes me so sad that she is growing up so fast but I am so happy to see how much she is growing…this internal turmoil of mine!  I am so afraid to wake up one day and she’s already sixteen but then I also can’t wait to see her do amazing things with her life!  But I don’t think I will ever stop worrying about all that.

Anyways, she is doing amazing things now that I never thought she would be doing at this age!  She is swimming, and I actually mean swimming…better than her Mama!  Well, technically, I don’t know how to swim so anything she does in the water would surpass me!  The video below was taken over 3 months ago and she has since progressed a ton, practically swimming the 3/4 of the pool unassisted!  Today, she will be going to her first swim class without me now that she is 3 and I am feeling kinda emotional about my baby growing independent of me!  Looking at this video again leaves me in awe because I can’t believe it was just a little over 3 months ago when she still needed a little help from me to get out of the pool and hadn’t gotten to swimming even 1/2 the pool yet.  I had no expectations coming into these swim classes in the beginning of the year but now, I can’t believe I’ve got a little fish in my hands!  I don’t have recent videos of her swimming because Honey had just happened to come watch us that day and video taped for us but hopefully today I can get some good shots of her in the water!

She also started gymnastics classes and I have to say, it was a good decision.  This girl for as long as I’ve known her, even before she could walk or was a very good crawler, she was quite the climber!  Very adventurous little firecracker! Now, her love for dangerous maneuvers has only increased and not decreased.  So Honey and I decided that she needed to learn how to do things safely in a fun environment.  She absolutely loves the zip line, in the beginning, she would just jump off the stairs holding the rope running but now she has figured out to pull herself up and let herself enjoy the ride!  I have seen her grow so much in this class and has even learned to use the balance beam. I have a video but I will have to upload that a little later!

Until next time…Happy Birthday my Baby Roo!




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  1. I love you Kiggster! I can’t wait to see how you progress in gymnastics. You have amazing strength and fearlessness. Happy Happy Birthday!

  2. Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

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