Happy 5 Month Birthday Rayne!

WARNING: No pictures will be seen in this posting!

Sorry folks, but today’s posting won’t have any photos because I had some technical issues with the video & pictures I wanted to upload, darn modern technology!

Can you believe that Kiggy is already 5 months today?!  I can’t!  It’s passing by way too fast for me but I’m enjoying every moment.  If you haven’t met her or seen her in a little while-be in for some surprises with her when you do get to see her next!  She’s just changing so much-overnight it seems like she learned to do some amazing things in her sleep.  The other day Tina said she noticed that Kiggy likes to stick out her tongue so much and she hadn’t noticed it as much with other babies.  Well, Tina, one reason might be because you don’t hang out with other babies as much as you do with her!  Then she asked WHY she sticks out her tongue so much ’cause she knows dogs do it to cool themselves down.  Uh…no she didn’t just compare my beautiful baby daughter to a dog!  Oh she did!  I don’t really have an answer to that but hey, she looks mighty cute sticking out her tongue.  Tina, give me the pictures you took on your phone so I can post them for people to see!  Kiggy just cracks me up. When I’m holding her sometimes and look down at her, I see her looking back up at me…with her tongue sticking all the way out! 

Let’s see if I can fix my video issue tonight and post something, if not, see you all tomorrow!


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