Happy Belated 16 Month Birthday Baby Roo!

Please read this post like you were reading it yesterday because I had a lot of it written yesterday but things got so busy, I couldn’t complete and publish my post in time!  So sad!

Wow, is Kiggster, my little Baby Roo, already 16 months today?  Boy, does time fly way too fast for me.  I remember when I was just 16 weeks pregnant!  We were actually going camping at Yosemite at that time, for all you who know me, know I hate camping so to go camping in a tiny tent while pregnant, it was a huge deal (Honey, now you know I love you)!

I know I usually do my 366 updates on Tuesdays but I will postpone it for this week so I can share some more personal Kiggster updates!

She is doing so much more these days than I could have imagined!  I feel so blessed that she is growing each day and God has been keeping her safe!  Boy has she been changing a lot lately!  Some things she’s been doing lately that are either new or improved from before:

Hmmm, what is that green stuff all over her mouth?!  Why, it’s an avocado shake!  She loves avocado, remember her first bite of solid food?!  We just take some fresh avocado and blend it with some milk, that’s it!  It gets nice and smooth and actually tastes really creamy!  Since I can get avocados at the farmers market, we’ve been having quite a few of these shakes lately!  It is enjoyed by the whole family!  I ask her if she was avocado and a week or so ago, she said “dado.”  OMG, she tried to copy me!! So I said it again and she said, “taco.”  So I said “avocado” again, and she said, “cado!”  Now she is saying “cado” a lot!
Ok, here comes the bad Mama moment…I accidently taught her to say booger!  I was picking her nose yesterday because there was this huge booger stuck there and it was stuffing up her nose.  I said, “Baby Roo, you have a huge booger in your nose, is that your booger?!”  Then she said, “bugz.”  OMG, she tried to copy me!!!!  I am still amazed that she is trying to speak and say words that we say, I will never stop being amazed with every new skill, new word, anything!  So, naturally, I say it again, “Booger!” with more excitement this time.  Then she excitedly said “bu.”  I repeat again and this time she said, “booga.”  When Honey came home I said, “Honey, I think I accidently taught her to say booger.”  So I said Booger to Kiggster and she said “Booga!” excitedly.  Honey just laughed and couldn’t believe I taught her that!

She’s also been helping with dishes!  She climbs on the on top of the dishwasher door and starts taking out the forks and spoons (we don’t put knives anymore in the dishwasher for this reason) and hands them to me one by one so I can put them away in the drawer.

Isn’t she the cutest little helper?!  Then when she’s done with the silverware, she climbs down from the door and lets me pull out the lower rack for her to work on the bowls and dishes.  She hands those to me one at a time so I can put them away in the cabinets!  I love that she enjoys helping, you think this will last into her teens?!

Here’s my happy helper after the mission was complete:

I have to share this video with you guys, she is too cute here to not share.  This was her on leap day, except she does this everyday on our bed…



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  1. Dominique Goh says:

    Your little girl is so cute. I love it when they are this age and very willing to help out in the house.

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