Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day!!!  So the 2 awesome Dads I want to honor today would of course be Honey and my own Dad, the two most important men in my life!    

Honey's 2nd Father's Day this year, woohoo!  Honey is not only an amazing husband but a tentative, loving, and patient father to Kiggster!  He was able to stay home with Kiggster for her first year while going to grad school and that was such invaluable bonding time for the two of them.  You can also see the picture collages I made for Honey when he had to leave his role as full-time caretaker to Kiggster and work 2 interships while going to school full time!  Come see the Reminiscing on Daddy Times posting!  He was so sad to be leaving her in the care of another, though our sitter is awesome too but no one can replace Honey and the wonderful things he teaches her.  He's helped Kiggster to fall in love with nature, animals (both of which I probably wouldn't have been able to teach her 'cause I'm scared of animals and dirt/mud makes me squirmy), do fun & adventurous things together, along with teaching her important life skills such as how to open DVD cases, use the DVD player, open ziploc bags, take Mommy's jewelry out of her jewelry armoire…

Whenever I look at Kiggster, I see Honey!  She looks and even acts like him!  She's totally a mini-me version of him!  I love seeing her excited to see Daddy come home or wonder where he is going when she hears the door close and says, "Daddy?!"  She wakes up in the morning and when we're all laying in bed, she will lean over and touch his face and give him a kiss.  She is most definitely Daddy's princess!  He is much more protective of Kiggster than I have been, whether it's thinking of her nap schedule, dressing her in warmer clothes, how much TV time, story and play times, etc.  Though of all their bonding moments, this one below would probably have to be my favorite and most memorable!  We love you Daddy and Kiggster thinks you are the most awesome Dad of them all!

Then there's my Daddy!  He's not a man of many words…sometimes even smiles but has been an amazing and supportive husband to my Mom and the pillar to our family!  If you didn't get to read about my mom's story and her struggles with her health, you can read my Mother's Day posting!  Through all my Mom's health struggles throughout the last 2 1/2 decades, he's stuck by her, not giving up when things got tough, and helping to try and keep our family together even if it meant things like Thanksgiving dinners at the hospital!  Though there were tough dialysis schedules to work around, he still did the best he could to plan family vacations and activities.  There were of course very funny memories of what growing up with my Dad was like: summer vacations that consisted of writing reports on newspaper articles, practicing piano daily, him coming home with treats like red bean popsicles, our Baskin Robbin ice cream cakes (after a couple years, he started reusing the same toys for the cake decorations), him laboring over the cement grinder to make our favorite black sesame soup, walkie talkie times on our road trips with relatives, him bringing home "toys" for us that seemed more like homework, his first and last attempt at cooking that left us eating wilty, yellowish looking vegetables, and then what every Dad fears-when his daughters hit teen years then lipstick, makeup, skirts, and nail polish becomes forbidden or else the clear nail polish will "get scraped off with a knife and you can't start dating until you're 30!"  Now that he's a Grandpa, he has definitely loosened up more and has gotten even more playful!  

I love you Daddy, thanks for putting up with this… (then, now, and even this morning!)


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