Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

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Happy Mothers Day to Kangaroo Mama's Mama!!!  I love you Mommy and I am so grateful for all that you have been through and yet still love with all your heart. 

Someone that I truly admire and am inspired by is my mother, Kiggster's Po-Po. She may say she's not very educated, doesn't have much to offer, and not very talented but that's her Asian submissiveness/humility/craziness speaking and all that is not even close to the truth. Though she may not have graduated from college, her skills, talent and the inspiration she gives to those around her surpass those of even one with an PhD.   She's been through so much in her life and she could have given up but instead she pushed through and persevered despite what the outcomes looked like or how bleak the future looked.  or those of you who don't know her, here's her story…

Me & My Mommy

Me & My Mommy

Po-Po immigrated here to the US in her teens, without a lick of English in her back pocket and went into her Senior year of high school not only trying to learn English but be fluent enough to graduate.  Through her dedication, she did graduate but was expecting to work in a sewing factory the rest of her life-she's an amazing seamstress by the way!  However, after meeting my father, Kiggster's Gong-Gong, she was inspired to apply for some secretarial, typist positions with the City of San Francisco.  Little did she know, she was a super fast typer and landed a job as a senior typist!   Then fast forward a year after marriage to when she had me and became a WOHM even after having my sister 3 years later.  It wasn't until she was pregnant with my brother (3 years after my sister) that things changed.

My mom taking us to feed the ducks & pigeons at the park

She had a couple of really bad doctors during that time and due to malpractice, her health quickly declined, causing her lose her vision on her left eye, kidney failure on both kidneys, and forcing her to go into labor early to prevent any further harm to her and my brother.  She could have sunk into the "Why Me?!" mode but instead she stood strong emotionally and hung in there physically for her family.  She endured taking tons of pills daily, major weight gain from side effects of said pills, and still managed to be a loving mother throughout.  Then 10 years into her kidney transplant, which didn't go without some complications, that started also failing and in the process, made her even more sick.  We spent a lot of time and many years in and out of the hospital, even during all the major holidays.  I remember having several Thanksgiving dinners in a cramped hospital room.  

Doesn't Mom look awesome even after 3 kids?!

I remember moments when my mom questioned why this was happening to her and if she could handle anymore.  Statistics showed that she could probably only last about 5 years on dialysis before her chance of surviving dropped to about 15%.  Then she saw a lot of people in her situation passing away or getting kidneys.  But she was getting a pace maker, more meds, more health challenges to add to her medical records and some false alarm calls about a transplant.  However, she still hung on and did not give up hope because her hope was in her family, seeing us grow up, get married, have kids…and more kids.  After 11 years of dialysis, she finally received a kidney in June of 2009 and the match was so great that it even shocked the doctors.  

At dinner for Mom's birthday this year (Kiggster is nursing under the cover)!

She still has weekly lab draws, multiple doctor's appointments each week, tons of meds daily, and recently, even several operations.  But she still makes the time to play with Kiggster, make dinners for the family, and crotchet beautiful scarves and hats for her family because she is still grateful for the things she has in her life and hasn't let that hold her back from loving her family.  I need to learn from my mom on how to be grateful for what I have in my life and enjoy what stage I am in, even if it is not where I want to be.  I want to be inspired by her courage and strength to face her trials and challenges head on because if she didn't she would have missed out on precious moments with her family.  

Mommy & Kiggster on a Treasured Thursday outing!

Kiggster wearing a crocheted beauty from my mom (supposed to be for me)!

Thank you Mommy for being such an amazing supportive mom & now grandma, my inspiration and hero!  We love you so much and look forward to many, many more Mother's Days together!

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