Happy New Year

So not to keep everyone hanging til 2012, here’s a picture of Kiggster at a New Year’s Eve-Eve party that we attended tonight!

I made her a top hat for New Year’s festivities but it didn’t last too long before one of the rubber bands came loose from her hat from too much pulling!  I’m going to reinforce it tonight so that we can use it again tomorrow.  I used the Snazzidrawers Broadway hat tutorial.  I picked a fabric that resembled “fireworks” but in a more subtle color scheme (grey, yellow, and black).  Hopefully I can get better pictures tomorrow.  We don’t have any plans but one thing is for sure, we’re doing an East Coast countdown so New Year’s kisses at 9pm PST instead so that once Kiggster goes to bed, Honey and I can do a Pacific time midnight countdown together!  Happy New Year to everyone and we look forward to great things happening in 2012!



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  1. Kangaroo Mama says:


    Hi "Wholesome Womanhood!" Hope to see you in class tonight but I totally understand about the putting the kid to bed hour. You've done a great job on your blog! So on your switch from Blogger to self-hosted, did you do the transfer yourself or have someone do it for you? I'm debating whether or not to budget for Blogelina to do the transfer for me.

    Hopefully we can both build our blogs up together (I think I have more work cut out for me though) and keep each other accountable on our goals. I just posted my goals here: http://mommykangaroo.blogspot.com/2012/01/2012-new-year-new-me.html

  2. Kangaroo Mama says:

    @My Homemade Journey

    Thanks for your comment "My Homemade Journey!" I came up with the name because when my daughter was born, I carried her all the time, whether it was in my arm, a sling, a bjorn, an ergo, or any other contraption I could find. She went with me everywhere to do everything. I really felt like a Kangaroo so I decided to name my blog Kangaroo Mama. I still carry her a lot and she still enjoys the carriers so that hasn't changed in the past 14 months! Can't wait to see you in class tonight.

  3. My Homemade Journey says:

    Love this hat! Your daughter is adorable. I also missed the class. I would love to network with you! I subscribed to your blog. I like the name. How did you come up with it?

  4. wholesomewomanhood says:

    I actually missed Tuesday's night class as well. It's right when I'm putting my boys to bed! 🙂 I worked through the notes and things she sent via email yesterday. So I'm thinking about bloggy goals this week. 🙂 I'd love to help each other out!! (It's always fun to have a friend in a new adventure! :-)) I'm relatively new to blogging as well. While I've been blogging for awhile, all of this stuff I'm learning on Blogelina's site is SO NEW to me! 🙂

  5. Kangaroo Mama says:

    @~The Bargain Babe

    Thanks Bargain Babe! I also visited your site and you've done an amazing job on your blog-I hope I can also get that kind of exposure you have on your blog!

    The hat was fun and frustrating at the same time. I am not all that crafty so if I can do it, everyone else can too! I loved the look of the hat…actually I kept putting it on myself and may end up either taking that one or making another!

  6. ~The Bargain Babe says:

    Aww such a cutie. I can't believe you made the hat! Good work!

    Stopping by from Blogelina's linky of class members (I'm in the current class too. Can we pass notes back and forth to each other and whisper about the teacher? ha)

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