Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  So I told you guys Honey and I were probably going to celebrate early over the weekend?!  Yeah, illness on Kiggster’s part and sleep training took over our weekend and instead we ended up staying home being sleep deprived.  I will probably post more on that tomorrow about the sleep thing.  Kiggster is starting to feel better but she was battling with an upset tummy and was not a happy camper the last couple days!  But she is adorable as usual still, despite the illness!

So remember how I made an unofficial goal to make Kiggster something every  month or special occasion?!  So here’s my hair clip for her Valentine’s Day celebration…
So Friday, I said I got 2 cards for Honey and I was ok posting that because he is behind on my posts…yeah, not the case apparently.  I came home and he was like, “2 cards huh?!”  Doh, of course, my luck!  So apparently, he’s been trying to read the latest posting and an older post to catch up!  Good thing I didn’t post what they looked like yet.  He’s only gotten one of the cards so far and the other is nestled in his computer bag for work…hope he finds it!
There’s such a huge difference between our cards for each other.  Here are the outside of the 2 cards we gave each other:


Here’s the inside:


Can you guys guess who gave which to whom?!  Sad to say but I am the one that gave the silly card with no hand-written note within!  Honey is a total romantic (I know, I’m a really lucky girl) and writes the most amazing poems ever!  I, on the other hand, wish I could even pull off a simple Roses are Red kinda poem!  Well, what I lack in poetry, I can make up for with hugs and kisses in person, I hope!  So my 366 Project: Week 6 will have to come later this week but it will be coming!  Hope you all are having an awesome Valentine’s Day!

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