Hard Week Anyone?!

Wow, this week has been a pretty depressing week for Kangaroo Mama in her work life.  Home life on the other hand has been awesome and amazing (except for my little hand washing blunder last night, that was sad). It’s review period, as with many others, but despite many accomplishments made this year (or so I thought), it was overlooked and run over by a Mack truck, then backed up on several times!  Last night, I was hand washing some nursing camis that I just received in the mail, really pretty lace ones from Hotmilk (I will have to write a post about them in the future because they are the BOMB)!  Well, since Monday is Chinese New Year, I wanted to have a new cami for Monday and also I needed to wash Honey’s new sweater before then too.  His sweater was a light blue and my camis were light colored pink, mint, and nude.  Well, who would have thought a light blue sweater would bleed color…it got ALL my cute camis all discolored.  I tried the vinegar trick and stayed up till 2 AM trying to fix it, only to end up with still the same stained camis!  BoooH, I was about ready to cry, they were so pretty too and I never even got to wear them!  Then I decided to get mad at the sweater!  Well, I won’t be making that mistake again…every item is going to get washed separately from now on-even white with whites!

Well, because it’s been such a crappy career and domestic week, this will not be the full post that I intended for it to be.  But Below are some more pictures from last week that show adorable little Kiggster enjoying her time outdoors.  Good thing it was a nice week last week because now it’s SUPER cold and wet outside.

This was her at Ocean Beach enjoying the wet sand.  She loved digging in and feeling the sand with her toes and fingers.





That was the trail she left at the beach after she was done!
This was them at the Magic Mountain Park when she was very mischievously pouring bark on the seat for the next unsuspecting child!


I love that she’s not afraid of animals.  I am probably more afraid of them than she is.  She just wanted to touch the little goat…actually the goat is larger and heavier than her!  She does, however, take a liking to kitties more than dogs!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  In my household, we’ll be preparing for Chinese New Year on Monday but first I am stressing about how to get my house cleaned in time!  I’ll keep you posted and if it works out, I will post some pictures of my progress in decorating for the festivities!



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  1. Very pretty photos of your little one on the beach. Too cute!

    Jeanna @ dramaqueenseams.com

  2. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Thanks Jody for the tip! I will have to use that from now on. It probably won't help with the ones that have already been stained though huh?!

  3. Adorable pictures! Try Shout color catchers … it's worth a try. 🙁

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