Hardworking Gardeners

So it’s finally going to be the weekend soon, so I should definitely post pictures from last weekend before it’s too late!  Last weekend was nice, we went out to our garden (remember our little rent-a-garden?!) and started the work on it.  Well, actually Honey and his brother did all the hard work of de-weeding our garden plot.  Who knew such a small plot could house SO many weeds.

The Kiggster was so happy that we were heading out in the sun ’cause on our short drive over, she was all smiles and spit!  She’s been really into making raspberries lately and boy can you feel her spit spraying all over the place! We get to our plot and it sits nicely next to an apple tree-which is starting to have green leaves growing on it! 

 That’s her and Mr. Frog sitting underneath the shade of the apple tree while Daddy and Uncle Ronnie labored away…

Those are other people’s plots in the background.

Honey working hard raking the weeds & Ronnie about to join in!


Here’s half the plot filled with weeds!

It’s our little Garden Plot #9

It was such a nice sunny day and there were lots of volunteers at the garden for Earth Week doing upgrades to the garden.  The Kiggster wanted out from inside her carseat ’cause she wants to be part of all the action!


Then after a long hard morning of supervising the workers, it was time for a well deserved nap for the boss!

So while the boss was sleeping, there was still a lot to be done-no time for slacking!  Honey and Ronnie pulled all the weeds that grew there and we ended up with a beautiful plot of soil!  However, Honey did end up finding what looked like a pumpkin plantling that survived amongst the weeds:

We kept it in the plot to see if it’ll grow!


So after raking, pulling, picking, and hauling 5 wheelbarrows full of weeds to the compost, the workers were tired and “done” for the day!  They did such a beautiful job that even the Blue Jay wanted get in on the action:


Actually the Kiggster’s blissful nap lasted till we got home!


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