Hawaiian Princess

So I’m so behind but I’m still writing about 2 weekends ago for our LA trip!  We’re finally talking about the wedding that we went down for!  The wedding was not until the evening so during the day, Erick told us that there was a Hawaiian festival going on at the park near their place!  Did someone just say Hawaiian?!  Sweet!  If I can’t fly to Hawaii, at least I can go to the festival!  It was a nice, sunny, and hot day outside and so it was perfect for an outdoor festival.  Of course, Honey took the chance to make it into a nice prayer walk and got the whole family to walk with us.  He wanted to take Kiggster on the Smart Trike again-had to make use of it while we were still in LA!   But of course before the festival, we had to take some photos of the kids first…




Of course, I couldn’t get any of them to look at the camera a the same time!  You notice Evey hammin’ it in the background?!  Ethan is definitely not camera-shy!  Kiggster never once looked at the camera-actually that’s how she’s been lately.  She’ll look at the camera but the moment you click, she looks away just in time for it to not capture her face!  Oh well, I tried!

Here we are, all ready to head off to the festival with all the kids locked and loaded…

Come meet our race contestants…

 Meet our calm & collected racer, Ethan!
 Our ever fashionable racer, Evey!
 Then, our youngest but most competitive racer, Baby Kiggster!
 Is that Kiggster trying to bribe the other racers into submission?!
If bribery doesn’t work, extreme measures will be taken for the race to victory!
Off we went!  it was a pretty nice festival, 2 performance stages, lots of Spam Masubi, Loco Moco, and my favorite plumerias!  I, unfortunately, could not find affordable Hawaiian dresses for the Kiggster and I to wear so I just had to go with flowers in our hair instead!  Too bad because I found a matching Hawaiian print tie for Honey!  We did however, end up with 2 plumeria plants in the Common Yellow and Magenta color (the same colors that Kiggster and I are wearing)!  I hope they grow well!


Don’t you love my Hawaiian princess?!
Time passed by fast that it was already time to head back and get ready for the wedding!  Evey was going to be one of the cute flower girls that evening and she was going to wear a red dress for the ceremony.  Well, I had no idea but Evey loves clothes and fashion.  Just in a meer 6 hours, she did 4 clothing changes…before even chaning into her flower girl dress!  Haha, a true diva-a niece after my own heart!  Here we are waiting for the ceremony to start and just taking some family photos!  Can you tell Ngin-Ngin got her hair teased big time (no pun intended)?! Hahaha! 


Kiggster somehow snagged a spot in Lucy & Erick’s family photo!
It was a very nice wedding and a beautiful location!  Congrats to Mary Ann & Bruce!





 Kisses at a wedding are a must!


We kept her super happy at the wedding and occupied with a super awesome, cheap toy…

Yup, an empty water bottle!  She was lovin’ it!  We got to dance together as family, then she got swiped from my arms by Ngin-Ngin so Roderick and I got to dance together!  We haven’t had a chance to dance together on an official dance floor (we did it during our labor and then lots in the living room) in a little while so it felt really nice!  It was a great wedding and nice seeing everyone again (I hadn’t seen a lot of the family since our wedding which was 6 years ago)!

Our LA trip was coming to an end, we met up with Roy and Tu on Sunday before church.  But we were so busy catching up that we didn’t get any pictures over lunch! Well, of course there were super cute Elias and Caleb (Caleb calls Roderick Chimichanga) joining us for lunch!  I need another vacation already! 


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