Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner Review

I had never used an at-home carpet shampooer before but had experience hiring professional carpet cleaners.  That usually meant not walking on our carpets for long periods of time or we would risk getting our socks and bottom of our pant legs soaking wet.  In our current home, we have never gotten the carpets shampooed before so I was really going to see what was sitting in those carpets once I was finished.  










I was expecting the Hoover Max Extract to be super bulky but after having it put together, it really didn't look too much bigger than our old vacuum cleaner (we had an old one) and though the machine is heavy, the wheels on it moved really smoothly!  However, after using it just on one portion of the room, my arms were already getting tired from the back and forth motions.  I was in for a workout so be prepared to feel sore if you plan on shampooing the whole house in one day!  At first glance after finishing a portion of the room, I did not see a noticeable difference to my carpet since it was still damp, however, I decided to take a look at the dirty water tank and empty it out so I could see what it actually cleaned.  I think I almost wanted to vomit when I saw what was in there!  I had already vacuumed my carpet right before shampooing so I could pick up any loose crumbs and junk but what I saw in the tank was water that was almost black and the stuff floating inside was probably old cereal, lint, dirt, and other questionable particles.  I could not believe I had been allowing our family to live in this filthy carpeting, especially when my daughter likes playing on the carpet, laying down and rolling around on it.  These carpets will be cleaned and so will all the granparents' carpets, when we go to playdates at other people's homes…that dirty water has made me realize that though we can't see the dirt, it doesn't mean it's clean! I also wanted to mention that though the carpet was still damp, it was not as sopping wet as when we've had our carpets professionally cleaned in the past and after about a couple hours, it was mostly dry already.

What I'd like to see with the machine is a little tool to help clean the carpet cleaner. There are areas where you are supposed to clean out the lint that is hard to reach so maybe a tiny brush that can easily be stored with the machine would have been nice.  What I also noticed was that the dirty water tank isn't the easiest to clean out.  The water gets trapped inside and I had to keep swishing it all around in every direction to get most of the water out.  Plus some of the gunk it picked up didn't all come out even after rinsing multiple times.  

Bottom line is, the Hoover Max Extract 60 has changed the way I look at my carpets and I will never wait this long to clean them again.  It is very worth the money to spend around $200 on an in-home carpet cleaner when you look at how much you will spend on getting a professional cleaner to come clean your house and the machine isn't yours to keep!

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.



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  1.  My cleaner needs to be replaced. I am glad I came across your review. This will be on my 'consideration" list now 🙂 thanks!

  2. I have used one of these (a friend's) and loved it! Makes easy work out of most any mess!

  3. SALLY Mcintyre says:

    This looks nice, might have to try.

  4. Malea Gardner says:

    I need to get one of these HooverMax Extract 60!!!!!

  5. ANNE MCINTYRE says:

    need a new vac and one that shampoos anemcintyre2011@hotmail.com

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