Hospital Provided vs Special Delivery Gowns

I did say that this blog besides being about Rayne would be to post reviews on things during pregnancy/motherhood to help other moms out there know from a mom’s perspective how things worked  or didn’t & other helpful tidbits.  So here’s my first review:

So another of my “wants/needs” during pregnancy was to wear my own hospital delivery gown during the labor & delivery.  I know there are mixed feelings about these out there but like I’ve said before, everyone is different and there’s no one size fits all for anything.  For some mamas, they don’t want or care to spend the money on a new delivery gown if it’s gonna get dirty and be tossed after several hours or a 1 day event.  I guess that’s how some brides feel about wedding dresses too.  While there are others of us (me definitely included in this category) that would love a new wedding dress that screams us or a hospital delivery gown that doesn’t make me feel or look like I just gave birth, even if I did!  I had a lot of fears about the labor and delivery so doing things to make it special helped me to not dread that day but look forward to it instead.  Although I wanted to order a special hospital gown, I didn’t want to pay big bucks for it-you’ll soon learn that I like great quality stuff at a bargain price.

I did lots of research on the different companies or people out there that offered hospital gowns.  I looked at price, quality, looks, and features of their products.  Other people’s reviews and customer photos, if there were any, were important to me too.  I’ll try to share with you all what I found & what I ended up purchasing.  There are quite a few companies out there to choose from and even styles. The first company I looked at was Baby Be Mine only because they seem to do the most advertising in different baby magazines.  They look exactly like hospital gowns, minus the open ties in the back and they’re prints you’d like.  They have a good variety of prints to choose from starting at $29.99.  Of course, the prints I liked all cost $49.99.  My husband says it’s because I have expensive taste! I held off on buying it so I could see if there were other companies out there that made them.

Annabelle Gown $49.99 from Baby Be Mine

My search came up with another company called Hot Mama Gowns.  They looked the most different from the gowns that I saw.  It features ribbon tied front panels for breastfeeding, which also means it gives you an empire-waist, v-neck gown rather than the drabby sack-cloth look.  Their gowns were one of my favorites of all that I saw but I couldn’t afford their price tag.  It would have been nice to have because they had a lot of nice features and used organic fabrics.   I think I heard through the grapevine that they may be coming out soon with a more affordable line for mamas like me so that will be exciting and it will still be using organic materials!  I’ll either have to wait until the next baby to get it or I could get it now and use it because it even looks nice as a postpartum night gown too (ie. late night nursings).  I’ll have to try to convince the Honey about this purchase…

LeAnn Gown $119 from Hot Mama Gowns

The next company was called Pretty Pushers.  They had some cute and inexpensive hospital gowns to choose from.  They have an I Dream of collection which consists of 3 themes: Mai Tais, Coffee and Sushi.  They’re cute but none of which were really things that related to me.  I was hoping for either a plain gown or a fabric with some cool prints.  So even though it looked really cute, I had to pass up on it.  However, since then, they’ve come out with an organic line, a plain off-white looking gown.  Totally cute but also more expensive than their regular gowns.  I was also confused on how the gown really worked in the front because it says it features a tie in the front to allow mommy and baby monitors but does that mean it’s an open-front gown with ties?!  That also made me more hesitant about the purchase.

I Dream of Sushi Gown $22 from Pretty Pushers

During this time, I’d also gotten obsessed with Etsy.  I LOVE Etsy and supporting home-made stuff (more posts later on awesome Etsy finds)!  A search on Etsy can bring out a million different delivery gowns from different sellers-all at really different prices. I won’t go through all of them because I find that things on Etsy change pretty frequently so I will only talk about the one that I went with.  They’re call Rockin’ Frocks and they have a small selection of hospital gowns.  I liked their features and was convinced by the model wearing the hospital gown.  It looked kinda like a dress on her and I liked that the neckline had a collar and pleating so that it would “fan” out.  It had snaps down the back of the gown and all the way down both sides of the sleeves for breastfeeding.  I knew that any gown I purchased would be long on me since I’m kinda short so the length didn’t matter too much for me but I wanted to make sure that since it’s one of those one size fits most (0-12) that it would fit me ok and wouldn’t be too big or small.  I was told that the model was a smaller size than I was so I figured I wouldn’t be drowning in it if she wasn’t so I took the plunge.  I didn’t buy just 1 but 2 gowns.  I picked a turquoise zebra print for the delivery (something fun and funky to keep things light-hearted during a very “serious” time) and a peacock type printed gown for the rest of the hospital stay.

$55 from Rockin’ Frocks

So when I received the gown, I couldn’t wait to try them on!  I do have to say though, since my budget was tight, I definitely didn’t pay the $55 noted above for the gowns.  They were clearing out some older prints so I got them at a clearance price.  So now she has all new prints than when I was first looking.  I loved the prints, they were beautiful.  The gowns were a little long but actually not too bad but the one thing that I was surprised about was the neckline.  It was actually pretty loose on me.  I kept having to adjust the gown to keep myself from exposing too much in the front.  So I think if you’re of a smaller frame, I would have to say this gown wouldn’t fit you as well, however, I did still really like the gowns. I got plenty of compliments from all the nurses in the hospital and even friends/family that came to visit us.  I didn’t mind walking around the hospital, which I had to do a lot because we got switched to 2 different floors and 3 different rooms during our 2 night hospital stay.  I also didn’t mind having my picture taken and actually loved all the pictures and looking back at them. I even made a beautiful photobook of her birth and didn’t need to crop out an ugly hospital gown.  It didn’t even look like I was in a hospital-which was important to me.  Why make giving birth seem like a hospital procedure rather than owning that time and making it completely unique and your own?!

Taken a couple hours after birth
Notice the loose neckline?
Having our “candlelight” dinner from CPMC
Our final night in the hospital


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  1. Michelle F. says:

    Those are so cute. Wish I had one when I was giving birth.

    • They are awesome. I had no idea people didn’t know about them until I wrote this post. I was sure people would be seeking these out but hopefully we can spread the word with this posting so more people know they can have something cute to wear during their L&D besides raggedy open back hospital gowns! Thanks for stopping by Michelle!

  2. Anna Johnson says:

    Ahh man, wish I would of known about these growns when i was pregnant, those hosital ones are gross lol

  3. I wish I would have known about these great looking gowns when
    I had my two children…Thanks, Cindi

  4. Wendi Scharrer says:

    I like the idea of these gowns and would definately wear one. You look great in both. Feeling pretty is a big plus on the most important day in your life! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Wendi! It does make such a difference when you feel good and confident about yourself. Not so much that the gown helped my delivery be pain free and a success but it did help my attitude and in turn that helped make my delivery a great experience!

  5. Nena Sinclair says:

    Thanks for the helpful info! I'm passing this onto my niece who is expecting her first child in 3 weeks. These gowns are so much better than the hospital supplied gowns!

  6. Deanna Sysco says:

    Thank you for all the giveaways and everything you do

  7. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Hi Adelina, thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on having your 4th, OMG, how do you do handle your schedule?! I will need tips from you! The special delivery gowns made such a huge difference for me, not in how I birthed but in how I felt about myself in such a vulnerable and "open" time! =P I felt comfortable and "put together" and had my own style! I totally recommend it! Good luck with #4!

  8. Adelina Priddis says:

    I had no idea they make special delivery gowns. I'm getting ready for my 4th child in one month, and just may purchase one of these! Thanks for sharing!

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