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So you have already seen one of the following photos from the Photo Contest selection but I didn’t get to official show you the rest!  She was hanging out at our Annual BACC Shoreline Church Service and it’s our once a year outdoor service!  It was hot, but Honey and I went to Costco the day before and bought this HUGE sports umbrella to use as shade.  It worked really well and she even took a nice nap underneath the umbrella while we picnic’d!  Then she was ready to play when she woke up!

That’s Marilyn under the shade w/Kiggster

Then they saw a cool cowboy hat laying around and of course, the mamarazzi would never let a photo op slip by!  Oh and by the way, the mamarazzi is testing out a new camera, which is why hopefully you’ll see less blurry photos.  Is a Lumix camera from Costco (the lower end one) and I’m trying to see if the lower end one will be an ok camera to use for now while I try to figure out which of the SLRs I should get and hold out for the right price. 


 So the Kiggster last Wednesday night, started doing the backwards crawl.  She does it pretty quick when she is sans-diapers but with the diapers, it goes a little slower.  It’s so funny ’cause you can’t tell too much when you’re watching her but all of a sudden, you notice she’s not where you originally left her.  When I’m changing her diaper on the bed, she likes to flip over to her tummy and do the backwards shuffle.  Then all of a sudden, her feet, then her legs, then more than 1/2 her body is hanging off the bed.  I just hold onto her chunky little thighs (I say that with so much love rolled up in it) while she keeps scooting until she is on the floor with her two feet planted on the ground and her hands still holding onto the comforter.  She thinks it’s the funniest thing!   This morning, she was on her hands and knees looking like she wanted to start crawling forward…this is all going way too fast for me!!!

What?!  Did I hear you ask about what she’s been eating so far?!  Ok, so she’s had avocado, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, plum, peach, papaya, sweet potato, purple yam, red & golden beets, coconut milk, banana, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, mango, plain yogurt, Italian roma beans, yellow beans, zucchini, squash, watermelon, asparagus, orange bell pepper, cauliflower, broccoli, butternut squash, cinnamon, ginger, onions, nutmeg, and apricot.  I don’t think I missed anything so far.  Tonight I’m hopefully gonna give her some chicken and veggies to try, let’s see how she likes it!  We’ve been trying to go all organic and homemade but the organic part is much more challenging than I thought.  It’s hard to get to a Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning and pick out some organic veggies on the cheap…we’re trying but I feel like most of the time we’re not feeding her organic.  But at least it’s homemade…I’m gonna keep telling myself that to feel better about not doing 100% organic!  The chicken she’s gonna have will be organic!  So with all this food she’s eating, how has she been poopin’?! Pretty good!   She’s usually really happy post-poop too!


Another happy post-poop, sans-diaper moment!  I know the 2nd picture looks like a mid-poop moment but it’s not!  She’s just concentrating on scaling that pillow!  Hopefully if I can get a free moment tomorrow, I’ll download some photos and post about Daddi-Day from this weekend!


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