Independent Baby

That was Kiggster on her very 1st Independance Day…That was the best I could do for a red, white and blue outfit!  Ok, I know this is 4 days after the fact but let’s talk about our July 4th weekend!

On Saturday, we hung out with the family for a really belated Father’s day, Kow-Foo’s birthday and graduation celebration.  Yee-Yee took us and started doing dress up…

What’s this crazy thing on my head?!

Now you see me…
Now you don’t…

Do I have to wear it?! It’s not even sunny inside!

The hat is so heavy I’m falling over!

Oh Yee-Yee, again?!

Yee-Yee says just a few more pics!

Finally free from the hat!


Awww so sweet!


After all that playing, we were hungry for some dinner at Gong-Gong’s favorite restaurant, South Sea Seafood!  We thought she would be cold in the restaurant from A/C but let me tell you, it was hotter inside the restaurant than outside!  There was no A/C!!!  That should be illegal!  Kiggster was having a hard time sleeping again because of the stimulation from the sparkly chandeliers and the heat, so we had to call in the troops…


Yup that’s Kiggster getting her Kow-Foo and Yee-Yee to rock and fan her to sleep!  That’s the life!  Doesn’t she look like she’s in paradis right now, or at least dreaming of it!


We got to light fireworks on Sunday instead of Monday in the backyard and between 3 people, they went through 12 boxes of sparklers!  Kiggster wasn’t even scared of the loud fireworks or the bright sparklers-she was nicely bundled inside my jacket (actually Po-Po’s parka)!  Oh and the Kiggster has learned a new trick-stick-the-finger-in-the-nose trick!  She did it twice in one night but not to herself but to others.  Po-Po was leaning in to kiss and play with her but instead she was greeted with a tiny finger stuck straight into her nose.  Boy, did that come as a surprise!  Then the second time was with Yee-Yee…this wasn’t as pleasant.  I think it all begins with innocent play and this time it ended with a bloody nose!  Kiggster has pretty tiny sharp fingers so it can hurt when she pinches, scratches, or pokes.  Good thing the Kiggster is so well loved because despite the bloody nose, her Yee-Yee still couldn’t get enough of her!  However, I’m sure finger in the nose isn’t what she’s looking forward to the next time she sees the Kiggster!

On Monday, Honey, Kiggster, and I went for a drive seek out some more sun because it looked like it was cooling down in the city.  So Honey drove to Novato thinking that might be better but nothing was open when we got there so we were on the road again chasing after a sunny and fun destination.  That led us to downtown Petaluma.  We got exactly what we asked for…LOTS of sun!  It was so hot, it was crazy!


We sat in Peet’s Coffee to cool down and put on some sunscreen before heading out to the scorching sun!  We walked around the little that was open and ended up in this little courtyard.  We were at Petaluma Pie Company and they were just about closing but we caught them right in the nick of time!


We sat in the courtyard shade cooling down for a little bit with some yummy pie.  It was a nectarine and marionberry pie-quite yummy and not too sweet.  It’s always nice to taste the natural flavors of the fruits in a fruit pie!  After that, we decided it was too hot to hike in Petaluma where all the grass was burned to a golden crisp from not having any shade!  So we were off to a cooler destination…we were chasing the wind!

That brought us to Mill Valley where we sat to listen to someone singing and playing guitar in the courtyard while we nursed the Kiggster.  She was dancing and doing the Tootsie Roll to the music while Honey watched some old folks play chess in the courtyard.  Notice the table behind me has a game board on it?! Well, after Mill Valley, we were off to an even cooler destination-Fort Funston to catch the sunset!


 Notice Kiggster now has on long pants, jacket, and a hat?  Yup, it was a little windy back near home but it was a surprisingly clear night for those that were going to watch the fireworks.



We got to sit and watch the beautiful sunset and even get some prayer time together before retreating home for some rest!  It was an awesome weekend together and for being her 1st 4th of July, I think it was pretty memorable and eventful!

Yan-Yan’s Garden is doing awesome according to Honey.  We even have a strawberry turning nice and red…not quite ready for picking just yet.  The snap peas are growing and starting to wrap themselves around the strings and climb their way up to the trellis.  The summer squashes and growing nicely too.  The tomatoes are out of control…they’re starting to grow out of their tomato cages-hope that’s going to be ok.  I can’t wait until we can start harvesting from the garden together, especially now that she understands what food is and can recognize all these different flavors, colors, and textures!  It’s like waiting for Christmas but in a garden setting!  Is it finally going to be Friday tomorrow?!  Thank goodness because even though it was a short work week, it didn’t feel short.  Hope you all have some fun weekend plans-my plans to get a haircut got delayed but maybe one day soon I can get that much needed cut. Happy Thursday!


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