It’s a Fish! It’s an Owl! NO, it’s Rayne?!

So we can’t decide if those are fish lips or an owl’s beak.  I called them fish lips but when my Honey saw them, he said she looked like a baby owl (probably because we recently saw the animation, Owls of Ga’Hoole)!

Looks like a sleepy owl here.  Hehe

Well, what do you think?!  She’s just so cute, it doesn’t even matter!  She only started doing this with her lips the last couple of days and it’s really random.  Although at the doctor’s office today, she wouldn’t stop making that face.  I guess I’d make funny faces at him too if I knew he was giving me shots, hoping that he would change his mind!  It was hard capturing them on camera at first ’cause they didn’t last long enough for me to get a good picture but I got two yesterday and a bunch today.  Maybe she’s got the hang of what she’s doing and likes playing now.

I introduce to you the Fish-Owl Family!  For your viewing pleasure . . .


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