Jedi Training

Wow, it’s almost been a week since I’ve last been on here!  Darn that time sucker J-O-B!  I’m so tired, I went home yesterday thinking it was Friday already and I was so excited about the weekend!  Except, then it dawned on me that it was only 1/2 way through the week…arrrgh!  So remember my last post about Kiggster’s highlighter-saber?!  Here are the pictures (finally) from that…






So no matter what she did (climbing, playing, sitting, laughing, etc), she still had a death grip around that highlighter.   Can you tell how much her hand has grown too when you see the picture of her fingers wrapped around the highlighter?!  It fits perfectly into her hand.  Also, as you can see from the last pictures, she loves to play with her tongue these days, sticking it out and pushing it against her cheeks.  I can’t believe how entertained she is with a stolen highlighter…my little klepto!  She likes to study the highlighter, holding it front of herself and then turning it side to side, up and down -sometimes slowly and sometimes fast!
So she’s been growing and developing like crazy lately!  She can now pull herself up standing and she enjoys it so much that she even does it during her favorite bathtime!  She’ll be sitting in the tub and then reach both arms over to the side of the tub, pull herself up to standing and then grab me with one hand until she’s stable and then grab me with the other!  She can, from laying on her back, flip over to her tummy, then push her butt up to sitting position, then try to pull herself up in a pretty smooth but slow transition.  Or sometimes instead pushing her butt up to sitting, she’ll push her butt up and then scoot backwards pretty fast.  She loves this during diaper changes on the bed and then when she gets to the edge of the bed, it’s almost like she knows it’s the edge and then she lets herself slide down laughing.  I then, of course, slow her down with my hands on her butt but mostly just making sure her feet get to the ground safely, then she stands then at the edge of the bed, grabbing onto the comforter while still laughing and then starting to learn towards me for stability!  She’s too cute!
I still need to find the perfect 4th of July outfit for her.  I have a red headband with a white bow for her…now for the bright blue and stars I’m drawing blanks! Any ideas?!

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