Just Between Friends: Consignment For The Money Conscious & Busy Individuals

Have you ever thought about having a yard sale or garage sale to get rid of all that excess stuff piling up in the garage…and sometimes throughout the home?!  What if you don’t even have a garage or a yard to host a sale?!  Too busy to set one up?  Well, I came across Just Between Friends, the largest children’s and maternity consignment sales event and they are definitely the solution for our family!  

I had seen them in the years past but didn’t want to consign because I was too busy to get my things ready, price all my items, and bring them during the designated hours.  But last year, Just Between Friends in San Mateo (that’s the one closest to my home) did something different, they started a valet tagging program!  That sounds luxurious doesn’t?!  Well, for those of us that have little time to spare but lots of baby and maternity items to rid ourselves of, this was a great option!  Before we delve into Just Between Friends and how consignment works through them, I wanted to first talk a little about consignment in general and my experiences with that.

Consignment Shops:
So I’ve done some consignment with local baby stores and also shopped at them before too!  Below has been my experience (and some of my friends’ also) with local consignment shops:

  • The percentage you receive back is quite disappointing, you may get around 30% cash if your item sells and maybe 10% more if you take store credit.  
  • You’re limited in how much you can bring to the store, approximately 2 bags of items per appointment.
  • Their scheduling was not friendly to a working individual and they were always booked in the desired time slots, months in advance.  You are at the mercy of the Buyer’s work schedule.
  • They look at the season, style, desirability of the item and if they have too many of that style/gender in the store already.  Space is limited at consignment shops.
  • There can be no stains, rips, tears, or broken toys.  
  • You may end up getting 10% of what you’ve brought accepted by the shop.
  • Some stores may give you cash up front for what they plan on selling it for but most make you wait until after it sells to receive payment, which could take months.  

Just Between Friends Sales:
With Just Between Friends (JBF), they are nationwide so you can find the sale closest to you here, you can consign as much or as little as you want!  Wooohoo, I attacked our home after finding that out!  So below are some of the things that you need to know about JBF sales and consigning with them:

  • The San Mateo JBF is an all-season sale so you are allowed to bring any season clothing to the sale! Check with your local JBF sale to make sure that is also true for that sale.  
  • JBF does uphold itself to only selling quality items so no rips, stains, tear, broken toys, recalled items, etc.  
  • All clothing needs to be on hangers and all items need to be tagged and dropped off prior to the sale during Consignor Drop Off Hours.
  • Cloth diapers are accepted and so are maternity clothes!
  • Consignors receive 60% of their sales and a $10 consignors fee is deducted from the check (so only if you make money).
  • Consignors who volunteer (JBF is a volunteer run sale) at least a 4 hour shift can earn up to 65% of their sales.
  • Too busy to organize and drop off everything at the sale?!  They offer Valet Tagging from some of their experienced taggers who have not only sold the most items but also made the most profits from past sales.  So you are in trusted hands with these taggers.  I know because I used their service last year and looooved my tagger!  I would give her name but that might make her too busy for me next year (ok, I love Oreett)!  I made more in last year’s sale than I ever have in any yard/garage sale in the last 4 years combined!  Consignors that use the Valet Tagging service receive 40% of their sales unless they volunteer and then they can make up to 45%.  The tagger also receives a percentage of your sales for their efforts, which is why you receive 40% rather than the 60%.  Valet Tagging is not available the 2 weeks prior to the sale so in order to take advantage of that service, you have to notify them in advance to reserve the tagger’s time!
  • Consignors have the option to have their items marked at 50% off during the last day of the sale, but those in the valet tagging program must mark all their items for 50% off.
  • Consignors also have the option to donate unsold items to charity after the sale, which is tax deductible, however, those participating in Valet Tagging must donate all unsold items to charity.
  • Consignors don’t have to be present during the sale, the awesome JBF volunteers run the sale.  Consigners just drop off the items and set them in the proper areas prior to the sale.  Much less time consuming than a garage sale!
  • JBF has a tagging system for all consignors so that the tags are not only consistent but consignors can go online and check out their sales after each day of the 3-day sale!  The system even shows you the specific items that were sold!
  • Consigners have special pre-sale shopping hours so even before the public gets to shop, consignors and volunteers get a chance to check out all the goods and make their purchases first.
  • JBF accepts cash, debit, JBF Gift Certificates, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover card.  That’s good news to a consignor because that usually means higher sales!
  • Checks from your sale are made 2 weeks following the end of the sale. It’s only a 3-day sale so you’re not waiting forever for the item to be sold at a store and then paid for it.

If you around the Bay Area, there is still time to become a consignor at the Just Between Friends San Mateo sale that is taking place October 5-7th!  You can also check out JBF San Mateo on Facebook, plus enter the giveaway below the video for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the Just Between Friends San Mateo sale along with a free admission pass! Didn’t you know that de-cluttering actually saves you money and earns you money at the same time if you consign with JBF!  Hope to meet some of you there during the sale, I will be consigning again (thanks to my awesome tagger) and shopping too!

Come to the Just Between Friends San Mateo sale for free with the following pass (just print and bring it with you to the sale, plus 1st time parents, teachers and military families can shop early at the sale)! 

Watch this video below for some great tips on tagging:

Enter to win a $25 Gift Certificate to the Just Between Friends San Mateo sale in the Giveaway Tools widget below:

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  1. Caitlyn Dunphy says:

    Bought several great shoes there last year for really good prices!

  2. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    This sounds like a great alternative from selling at yardsales, etc. We currently do not have this available in our area but would be a great business opportunity to look into starting/organizing.

  3. It's great that they have a first time parents presale. 

  4. JBF is awesome. This is my second sale and I learned more about the valet tagging system. I may have to look into it next time. 

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