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It seems like it's been awhile since I last posted something "personal" on here.  I think my last one was New Beginnings: Light At The End Of The Tunnel and I had just made the decision to resign from my position at my job so that I could stay home with Kiggster.  I have to say, that was probably the best decision I could have made because I actually felt a small load get lifted from my shoulders.  Although, at that time, Honey and I still weren't too sure what we wanted our future to look like, except for the fact that we wanted Kiggster to be raised into a godly young woman and for us to strengthen the foundation of our marriage.  So I continued to keep the doors open for new opportunities career-wise but not actively seeking for it.  Although it seemed like recruiters were calling me left and right with the "perfect" opportunities…you know, the ones that didn't arise when I was trying to escape from my old job?!  When I was seeking, the market seemed dry of opportunities…for me at least!  We considered moving to Southern California to be closer with one of our best friends there, where cost of living was lower, I could spend more time with Kiggster, and I could even possibly homeschool her if I chose! 

But God has temporarily closed that door (both our families were probably happy about that) to a job that seemed like a "sealed deal" but there were some unexpected delays so it may be months before another decision is made.  Then we also considered moving in with his parents again-this was actually an idea we had earlier several months ago too but ditched the idea the 1st time.  During this time, I had 2 phone interviews, 2 in person interviews, and many recruiters calling me about opportunities.  Honey and I really had to consider what we wanted our future to look like and what direction would be best for our family.  Was having a stable income important to our family?  But at what cost?  What about a "good" job and career path? Were those important to us? What were our other options?  

Possible Scenarios:

  1. Honey, Kiggster and I would move to SoCal where Honey would put grad school on hold while finding a full-time job and I would stay with Kiggster.
  2. We would stay in the Bay Area, Honey would continue grad school, work a full-time internship, I would find a full-time job and Kiggster would go into daycare.  
  3. We would stay in the Bay Area, Honey would continue grad school, work a full-time internship, we would move in with his family and I would stay home with Kiggster.
  4. We would stay in the Bay Area, Honey would continue grad school, I would work a full-time job and Honey would stay home with Kiggster.
  5. We would stay in the Bay Area, Honey would put grad school on hold, work a full-time job, possibly stay in our place or move with his family and I would stay home with Kiggster

Moving back in with family (mine or Honey's) never in a million years was what I would have planned, expected, or even wanted!  I think the moment I made the decision to move away for college, I had no plans to move back home with family.  I loved my independence, my own space, not having to answer to anyone about what I was doing, where I was going, and how late I would go home!  It's quite humbling to think that moving back in with family would be a possibility but maybe God had a different plan for us.  After much contemplating, we decided that Honey was already halfway through grad school and it would be a waste to put it on hold now with no real date of when he would start again.  So we wanted him to continue grad school with only 1 1/2 years to go.  We really wanted to have Kiggster be home with one of us, we just hated the thought of both of us being away from her for long hours and she wouldn't have the chance to bond with at least one of us. So scenario 2 was nixed from the "list" and we had to start considering how to make it work for one of us to stay home.  After I finished my time at my previous job, we thought Honey could work his current internship full-time but was notified by his supervisor that they actually had to outsource that project so he was out of work.  SoCal looked more appealing at that point until God closed that door temporarily (project was delayed) but the same day that happened, Honey got an email from another department at his internship saying he would be hired full-time there!  It would be doing something that he was really interested in, would give him great experience, and possibly open doors for him after graduation!  

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ~Jeremiah 29:11

I actually ended up getting a job offer from one of the interviews and it was with what seemed to be a "perfect" company.  Actually, it was with a company I tried to get a job at several times in my past but timing was always off.  I agonized over the decision but after much thinking, I realized the decision was hard because 1) the money would have been good, 2) I was finally getting what I never could get-that "impossible" job, 3) leaving what seemed like a "comfortable" life, 4) fears of stepping into the world of unknowns, 5) doubts of my abilities to be a "good" mom, 6) who turns down jobs…I never had, and 7) I felt selfish for wanting to stay with Kiggster when others are longing for jobs and stable incomes.  After much talking and praying, Honey and I decided that it was best for him to continue grad school, take the internship offer, for me to turn down the job offer, for us to move in with his family, and for me to take this time with Kiggster to not only spend time with her but for me to forge a new path in my "career."  I am ready for something new and different, something that I am in love with, passionate about, and allows me to spend more time with Kiggster and my family.  

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. ~2 Timothy 1:7

They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the LORD to care for them. ~Psalm 112:7

As you know, I am in love with this blog, Journey Of A Kangaroo Mama, and would love to put more time into it.  I have so many "plans" for this blog that remain just that…plans, and I am dying to share more things with everyone, not just giveaways but finish different projects, put up some DIY ideas, etc.  I also have been wanting to start my Baby Sign Language classes but have not been able to find the time to finish my 2nd level of certification and do my video (eeek, video of me singing and signing).  I am looking forward to hosting local classes to teach babies, kids and their parents sign language, to do interactive trips around town learning signs for all the things we see. I also haven't had the time to learn to use my dSLR camera, which I'd love to learn to take off Auto mode.  Although many people think I am just staying home with Kiggster as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), I don't believe that is all I am doing.  Even other SAHMs out there aren't just SAHMs!  The society we live in calls for us to be many things, wear many hats, be multi-taskers, and much more.  So though as a family we are making the decision for me to leave my role as a WOHM (Work Outside Of Home Mom), I feel I will be stepping into a new role not only as a WAHM (Work At Home Mom), but also a Blogger and Mom-preneur!  I don't know where this road will lead me but I am excited to board this plane and see a whole new world through the eyes of Kiggster and all that she will show me! 

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  1. Hi Kathy! I've missed you! But I am glad that you finally "settled". Whatever plans you had/have and will have in the future, I know that God is always there for Guidance and will never forsake us…
    Just like you I've faced circumstances that are beyond what I/we were expecting (re :petition) but on the rebound, I always believe that God has His own plans, better that ours and much more than we can imagine that is why I have resorted to unexpected plan b as well.
    Good luck and God bless! see you around…

    • Icar, I have missed you too!!! It has been a crazy couple weeks, and I’m in a forever state of “catching up!” Thank you so much always for your support and kind words. I love knowing that I have someone that can relate to what I am going through. I’m sorry to hear about your petition, I’d love to hear more about your plan B and what you guys are doing. We’re looking forward to meeting you guys soon hopefully but I’m so glad you have been taking on an active role with Newbie Blog Hop, I would have loved to have done that with you but with all the things going on right now, it didn’t feel right to add more to the plate when it’s already overflowing. Which is totally a blessing from God that I have a full plate but I think I need to work on making great what I have already rather than trying to add more on top of it! Hope we can catch up soon!

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