Kangaroo Mama’s Bday Excursion Part 1

Ok, are your Rayne withdrawals subsiding?!  I know, I know, I’ve been behind on my Rayne updates-sorry to all my Rayne groupies!  Things have been crazy busy-both at work and in life!  Well, I’m back, that’s what’s important right?!  So not this past weekend but the one before that, it was my birthday weekend.  Well, unfortunately, Honey had a HUGE project due for his Master’s program on Monday after my bday and couldn’t spend too much time with me then to celebrate.  He made last week my bday week instead and each day had a different theme, like Movie Monday (Kangaroo Mama’s movie of choice!), Tasty Tuesday (yes, I got to choose the restaurant), and Wacky Wednesday (still figuring out that one =P), Tourist Thursday, Fabulous Friday…you get what I mean!

We watched Tangled for Movie Monday and it was such a cute movie, loved the music and it was funny!  We went to Town’s End Restaurant for Tasty Tuesday with his family-they treated me for my bday.  They have an awesome Tuesday night Prix Fixe menu for $20-3 course!  Sweet deal huh?!  At least in SF it is.  For Tourist Thursday, since I take that day off of work, we went to the Fillmore! 


So we hopped around town with the Kiggster in her Bjorn.  It was a nice day out, with the sun shining and we passed this cute paper store that had giant paper bunnies in their window display!  Of course I can’t resist the urge to take some photos in front!  I play tourist pretty well huh?!  Then it was lunch time so we found a Mediterranean restaurant for some Shwarma…surrounded by hookas!
My honey even let me go to the Benefit store in Fillmore for my complimentary Bday brow wax!  Yup, you heard right, they give a free brow wax the week of your bday (check to see if it’s week before or after your bday ’cause it depends on what day it falls on)!  I needed one STAT!  Well, unfortunately, after my Benefit trip, it was time to end Tourist Thursday ’cause my honey had to go to class!  Good times just fly by!  Of course, it has to end with a ….
 GASP!!!! Who is that kissing MY  Honey?! The nerve!
Oh, wait, that’s me…hehe!


End off the afternoon with a kiss and some photos-that’s what tourists do right?! Right!
The Kiggster and I headed off to Newborn Connections to chill out while Honey was in class.  She nursed, I read books on starting solid foods, talked to different moms and expectant moms there. 
Oh, and I even invited some people to Women’s Day!  You are welcome to come if you’re in the Bay Area…make sure to come say Hi to Kangaroo Mama and the Kiggster (yup, she’s comin’ too for her 1st Women’s Day)!  The theme is “Life Worth Living” and there’s going to be speakers, entertainment, dinner, raffles, and great conversations with amazing women from all around the Bay!  You can register here if you’re interested!  Hope to see you there!
Ok, putting my blinders back on!  So after Newborn Connections, we went to pick up Honey from school and started our drive back home. EXCEPT…it was rush hour traffic and dinner time for the Kiggster.  We had to make a stop to nurse her.  We stopped at a coffee shop, ordered 1 tea for 2 people and a baby to sit at a HUGE table in the corner.  I guess tourist thursday isn’t quite over yet huh?!

Still happy even after spit-up!

Yeah, mama & baby photo op!

Now it’s officially the end of our Tourist Thursday!  This will have to be a 2 part posting because I’m back to work now!  Hope you enjoyed reliving our good times with us today, till next time!


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