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I forgot to share this when it first was published but never too late right?! It's Jeanette featured a short snippet of Kangaroo Mama's birth story on her blog along with the stories from a couple other moms.  It was a lot of fun being able to write about my birth story again and reminiscing on that day 18 months ago!  I have to say, I had a great experience and wouldn't trade it in or change it in any way!  Below is what I shared with It's Jeannette's readers but you can read everyone's stories here!

This was Honey and I slow dancing together (read below)

Kathy from www.KangarooMama.com Had a unique birthing experience, med free! Read on:

I had a great birthing experience when I had my daughter 18 months ago and that's saying a lot because after we found out I was pregnant, I was freaked out about the birth, the pain, the labor, and the pain relieving options!  I couldn't even stand thinking about having a needle stuck in me for pain relief, even that was too much!  Then when people told me to watch videos to educate myself and I'd feel better, that made me cry for weeks because it freaked me out even more…my advice, don't watch traditional birthing videos if you're afraid of birthing!  I ended up inheriting a Hypnobirthing book from a friend that did not want it any longer and after the first chapter, decided that this was what I needed, a way to have self-relaxation, feel confident about my body, and have my Honey (husband) as my support!  We found a local instructor and that started our journey in preparing for the birth.  Honey and I practiced relaxation methods, which really just consisted of us laying on the couch or bed and him massaging my head, playing with my hair, or just holding me while saying things like, "Our baby will be the perfect size for your body, your body was made for this, God will protect you and our baby, you will be amazing…"  It helped us bond so much better as a couple to learn these things and spend the time together, besides also learning about how to birth.  

So come the day Kiggster (our daughter) was born, which was 10 days earlier than the estimated due date, I was not ready for her to come yet because I wanted more time to prepare for her arrival, which I realize I'll never be prepared!  My water broke at 1:30am, but no contractions so we headed for the hospital with my newly packed hospital bag (I had just finished packing it and printing out my birth plan that evening).  Honey grabbed snacks from the fridge for me, our iPod and speaker with all birthing soundtrack he made for me all loaded on there and we drove off to the hospital.  About an hour after arriving and settling into the hospital, I had my first contractions.  It was Honey that I felt made my labor and delivery so amazing and enjoyable.  He brought me wet towels to wipe my face, fed me figs (which were so yummy), gave me water, and held my hand throughout the whole experience.  His gentle and calming voice was right next to me telling me all the wonderful things a nervous and soon-to-be birthing mom wants to hear.  He turned on the music he so carefully selected for me and we even slow danced during my contractions.  One of the songs I remember dancing to was "And She Danced" by Josh Groban!  When it came time to birth, 5 hours later, I knew I didn't want to lay on my back, no meds (because of the needle issue), no military-style birthing so instead I laid on my side and guided my daughter out through breathing and light pushing (yup, no screaming necessary).  It was not painless but it was not miserable, torturous, and the worst pain ever like others told me about!  Honey remembered this but I didn't, he told me Kiggster was born to the song, "Don't Give Up" also by Josh Groban!  For someone so afraid of birthing to begin with, I couldn't have asked for a better birthing experience, both leading up to, during, and after!  Honey, Kiggster, and I, after her birth, got to lay on the hospital bed together as a family and take our first family nap together!  

So that's a little look into my birthing experience.  Maybe at a later time, I can share my birth story photo book that documents our pregnancy, and our experience as a whole!  Hope you enjoyed reading it.  Do you have a birth story to share?  I would love to hear about your experience and if you have multiples, if they were really different!


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