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So besides being a wife to Honey, a Mama to Kiggster, a blogger, shopaholic, deals ‘n steals gal, and a sorta foodie…I also have this other life that’s a time sucker!  I work at this other job that many don’t seem to know much about-mainly my parents!  They only know how to tell their friends that I work in biotech but that’s about it!  Well, guess what, I think prime time TV might be able to shed some light on what I do.  I know, you were hoping for Rayne-ie forcast but hey, this is my blog too so here’s a little about me!  This is a show I haven’t really watched since Season 2 but I recently heard about it’s season finale.  In Grey’s Anatomy’s season finale, Meredith takes things into her own hands tampers with Adele’s, the Chief’s wife, patient files in an Alzheimer clinical trial.  Being in the clinical trial means the drug isn’t yet approved for commercial use but the trial is to help determine side effects, if the drug works, how well it works, etc.  Meredith gets exposed that she had been tampering with the trial but when questioned by Derek, she refuses to answer any questions.

So we find out that Meredith manipulated the Alzheimer’s clinical trial to give the hospital chief’s wife, Adele, the active drug instead of the saline placebo.  The chief has no choice but to suspend Meredith and turn the study over to the FDA.  Meredith’s well-intentioned but unethical actions start to unfold in this season finale.  You can watch the full episode here if you’d like.  What does Meredith have to do with me?!  Well, I don’t work at the hospital front but in the back end of things.  I work for the company that pays for those trials and owns the drug or device being tested. When Meredith says that nothing she did changes anything about the study but from my end of things, it did!  The company counts on every subject and their data to prove their drug and what Meredith did could completely invalidate all the data from that trial.  I help on the sponsor end with communication to our sites that conduct the trials, supply the sites with the documents and supplies needed, come up with patient recruitment materials, payments to the sites and vendors, and do everything possible to make sure we keep patient information confidential while still trying to ensure that the trial is being conducted ethically and safely. So in a short snapshot, that’s what Kangaroo Mama does outside of her blogging!  Any questions?! 

Hope you all enjoyed the sun while it lasted!  Although Kiggster didn’t get to enjoy enough of it.  Next month we’ll be in LA for a wedding so hopefully we can bust out all the summer clothes-without me putting on long pants, long sleeve onesie, jacket, and hat!  I was bummed though, we had swimsuits for her and she’s no outgrown them before she ever got to wear them!  I will be searching for cute baby swimsuits for our LA beach day!!!  Happy Thursday!


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