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  1. I always have coloring books and snacks with us.

  2. Caitlin McClure says:

    Haven't traveled with my 2 week old yet. toys would probably be helpful

  3. I bring lot's of snacks and activities to keep the children entertained.

  4. Beth Perkins says:

    I always make sure to have his favorite toys and music that will keep him entertained!

  5. Must have: baby carrier. Good from birth to toddler. Very, very helpful!

  6. Sarah Harding says:

    Coloring,movies,games,toys,lots of singing

  7. I always keep new coloring pages.

  8. Must have the psp or dvd player when traveling!

  9. I love singing and dancing to silly songs with my babies on car trips! It keeps us entertained so the trip seems to go by much faster!

  10. Snacks, the tablet, and their favorite toys.

  11. One of the little peg games from Cracker Barrel… my 19 mo old will spend 20 minutes putting the pegs in and taking them out of the little triangle board.  Coloring book and crayons are great too!

  12. Becky Bryant says:

    I just always used to prepare with lots of beverages, snacks, baby wipes, toys and activities and they loved it when I would sing to them.

  13. Jaclyn Hodnett says:

    Movies, snacks and games.

  14. Becky Worthman says:

    the trick is to have games you play only when traveling, something for the kids to look forward to/won't be bored with

  15. Natalie Finch says:

    When we travel with our little ones, we always bring our Tripod Flashlight. We've found hotels and other people's homes, rarely have a good night light. It's also great for our 3 year old if he has to get up and use the rest room at night!

  16. Traveling often helps as they get used to it. We plau i spy games, lots of books, music and if really long trip try driving during sleepy hours so they nap in car.

  17. Teresa Thompson says:

    Movies, snacks and games.

  18. neva hurlbut says:

    Must have is my Boba baby carrier and lots of snacks

  19. Laura Miller says:

    Need to make sure you pack things to keep little ones busy

  20. Heather R says:

    I take lots of toys/activities and only give one at a time over the time span.  Helps to keep them from getting bored.  Also lots of healthy snacks and movies.

  21. Crystal Litz says:

    Snacks, lots of them!

  22. Nichol Bey says:

    I hit the dollar store and flll up a small bag with things to open, touch, or play with for long car rides or the plane. I also ALWAYS bring a bag of flash cards!

  23. kindle fire, justin bieber cd, ds and we are set to go.  we make regular trips to indiana rom wisconsin

  24. Michelle F. says:

    I love all the cute prints at BobbleRoos.

  25. Michelle F. says:

    For baby clean I would love to try the non-petroleum jelly

  26. i take a bag with me and thenit has snacks and then the game for the kids and then dvd toplay

  27. Priscilla Benavides says:

    Always pack the necessities such as toys, clothing and snacks and even things you wouldn't think you need!

  28. Nicole Bear says:

    I don't have any tricks, as I don't have kids yet.  We are expecting our first next month, and since we live in Hawaii and both of our families live on the mainland (US and Canada) we will be traveling a lot.  I hope to pick up some tips from other mamas out there.  I know when my parents traveled with us, we always had coloring books or activity books with us.

  29. Cassandra Eastman says:

    When we travel I always bring a small basket of toys and rotate them, snack & juice are also a must! 

  30. when we travel we don't really keep to much of a plan but leave things pretty open so we can let the children's moods etc determine our itinerary

  31. Alexia Miller says:

    Stay calm, don't stress and enjoy the day!!

  32. christine jessamine says:

    my tips are to keep organized where you can find things easily you will need for traveling and always carry a portable dvd player

  33. Saver Sara says:

    Keep a few extras such as diapers and wipes in the car. You'll end up needing them at some point.

  34. Elizabeth G says:

    I love traveling on Southwest Airlines with my brothers kids or just sitting near kids. I found out Southwest has children activity packets including stick-on wings!  These have been a winner every flight since I found out! 

  35. Kristina Juarez says:

    Wipes, wipes and more wipes!!! You can never have enough lol there's also always a sippy full of water and a snack trap with goldfish handy! 🙂

  36. maria cantu says:

    -toys,  videos, and something to snack on

  37. Caitlyn Dunphy says:

    Woo hoo!  Now just need somwhere to go. Lol

  38. diana robinson says:

    with baby that has always means an extra bag  ( you never know what your going to need with a baby be it toys extra diapers wipes a few changes of clothes and of course food bottles and water if your bottle feeding) or 2 along with a portable swing but if the munchkin love his or her stroller then that is a must have depnds on what we are doing for the older kids ages three an up that would be a little back pack chalk full of things to do like coloring books games be it leap pad game boy or a portable dvd player WITH HEAD PHONES

  39. Hannah Avery says:

    If they have a fussy time in the evening, it pays to try to arrive at your destination before then! I liked to have a little dangly toy that I could reach bag and distract my newborn or small baby with. I also really liked having a baby carrier handy.
    -Hannah Avery

  40. Francine Anchondo says:

    toys and snacks

  41. Golden Storm says:

    food/bottles and toys andalso a whole bag of anything i feel i need for each seperate trip out the house

  42. I bring lots of snacks and toys. 

  43. Babywearing and patience makes airport traveling easier

  44. I try to travel during nap times, so baby sleeps for the majority of the trips.

  45. jodi frasier says:

    I always try to bring snacks, drinks, and maybe a few toys… Thanks

  46. heather eg kaufman says:

    I always have to bring lots of creative & coloring items for my boys, trains are also a must!

  47. i try to have a new/novel toy for my son to play with to get him in the carseat & like to have snacks, water, fun kid music & something for him to chew on 🙂

  48. Just make sure to be stocked full!  Toys, games, snacks, DVD's, whatever you can do to keep them busy

  49. My trick is to travel at night when the kiddos are sleeping!

  50. Jennifer Rote says:

    Always pack snacks, drinks and toys.

  51. my daughter has to have snacks and a drink all the time

  52. it wont let me submit my entries i have done everything it said waited on the conformation and it still wont let me idk what to do 

    • Hi Nikki,

      I’m so sorry you are having trouble. I have that you submitted the entry for a comment. Are you still not able to obtain the rest of the entries? Giveaway Tools verifies the entries so after you press Like on a FB page, it verifies your entry, meaning you have a wait a little before the message pops up saying “entry confirmed” Then you can click “enter” after that.

  53. i am the favorite aunt lol so i travel with anywhere from my own two daughters too 9 little girls all at once . we have lots of fun but get lots of messy lol the ages are 4 months raylan 4 yrs kenzie 5 yrs allie 7 yrs katelyn 8yrs madison 8yrs emmalee 10 yrs jennifer 11 yrs taylor and 14 yrs samantha we are very planned when it comes to having handy wipes hand sanitizer and tissues but we also try and make sure we have a blankie snacks and a couple toys just in case an extra set of clothes for each if we are going out of town and of course you cant forget the kids songs 

  54. Sherry Compton says:

    Plan and prepare…bring extra diapers, wipes, clothes, band aids, Kleenex…have kids go to the bathroom before leaving.  Always have something to entertain them too…book, toy…

  55. Gail Williams says:

    Wipes, snacks, juice packs, tots…calming music CD's

  56. Melissa K says:

    We keep a special lovie just for car rides.

  57. Lots of quiet  toys 🙂

  58. Erica Hemphill says:

    must have for kids… extra clothing and snacks

  59. Anitha Kuppuswamy says:

    Extra Wipes and extra clothes for babies. Music CD'S AND EATABLES

  60. Carrie Zollman says:

    I always make a travel bag for my daughter when traveling. In the bag has some snacks,a notepad with crayons,pencils,etc, also in the bagis a small stuffed animal of her choice and a few books.

  61. have their fav. snack all the time

  62. Same as traveling with my husband–always have food and toys 🙂

  63. My trick for traveling is to always bring a few extra (of whatever – diapers, spit up cloths, etc) more than I think I'll need. Half the time I don't end up using them, but if I don't bring them, I almost always end up in a bind where I need them. 

  64. Shannon Alexander says:

    main thing is make sure you have a lot of wipes handy, because there are always spills and messy hands

  65. We always played word games, such as looking for letters of the alphabet (in order) on signs.

  66. grace aspinwall says:

    nursing cover, toys!

  67. I always pack snacks and small toys to take, along with coloring activites, and DVD's for the van.  We travel without much fuss, so it must be working.

  68. have extra clothes for babies, undies for kids, and if you are nursing, an extra top for you too!

  69. Charlotte R says:

    Snacks and fun activities (carry a tote with lots of little stuff saved only for trips)

  70. My tricks are lots of snacks

  71. Ipad!

  72. I pack them backpacks full of activities and snacks to keep them busy.

  73. Jessie T-B says:

    I am a new mama and I don't have many tricks.  I'm glad to travel with built-in food though!

  74. If we're traveling with cloth diapers, I have to have my Planetwise Wet/Dry hanging bag!!

  75. Dana Adams says:

    We have a designated car book that we only read when we are on the road.  It really helps pass the time with the many hours we spend in the car.

  76. Lindsey G says:

    Tip – Eh.  I need them myself!  I just always keep a sippy cup handy – a cup makes my daughter happy always!

  77. rebecca williams says:

    I bring snacks that the kids don't normal get on the trip

  78. I have found leaving yourself extra time, or being prepared to stop longer than expected were really important.  Also, when they are old enough, snacks and a sippy are really important to have with too. 

  79. I don't have any tricks because I've never traveled with my  6 month old.  I'm about to try so I should read everyone else's.

  80. Jacqui Odell says:

    I always have toys!!

  81. Amanda Hoffman says:

    lots of snacks and toys

  82. I always make sure I have snacks and sippy cups for my preschoolers in my diaper bag and snacks, diapers,wipes and sippy cup for my toddler.  They watch DVDs when we are in the car for long periods of time or the older two bring their LeapPads or some toys.

  83. Always have snacks and toys if they get bored. 

  84. nicole lewis says:

    we bring the essentials like lovies and snacks and do research ahead of time to find lots of free things to do 

  85. i like going to hands on museums so that kids can learn with all their senses

  86. Paul T/Pauline T says:

    ipods or dsi plus coloring books and crayons and markers                                                 – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  87. Diane Sallans says:

    for kids a bit older get some Car Bingo cards – you get to slide a square cover everytime you see the object – like a barn, a bird, a dog etc.  Can occupy them for quite a while & gets them to focus on what is outside the car.

  88. mp phaiah says:

    i am sure to bring plenty of snacks, toys and diapers!

  89. lots of toys and food with no sugar.

  90. Enizete Lane says:

    Lot's of games and NO sugar!!

  91. We bring what we call "bags o' fun" with new little items.

  92. Hannah Gillispie says:

    i want to be a winner! 

  93. Jennifer B says:

    iphone & diaper bag… oh and his favorite monkey

  94. Give yourself plenty of time when getting to the airport.  It can be stressful when traveling with children and you are running late!

  95. Elizabeth says:

    Pack the night before and include a couple of books/toys they don't get to play with very often!

  96. Pack Plenty of extra sippy cups and snacks, you never know when there will be a delay in arriving at your destination.

  97. It depends on the age of the children but what works for us is snacks for all and movies or electronics for the big kids. 

  98. my best tip is to breastfeed and bring lots of snacks. also jellystone teething necklaces, its better than a teething ring because it wont fall on the floor.

  99. D Schmidt says:

    Lots of toys, snacks and drinks

  100. We travel at night! Day trips consist of the portable dvd player,snacks, and drink boxes!!

  101. I guess my trick is just to have patience and be able to laugh at yourself.  Also remember "this too shall pass" – soon our little ones won't be little anymore and will be easier to travel with!
    sandysaveseveryday AT gmail DOT com

  102. Samantha D. says:

    Library – dvds , cds, books, portable dvd player. The toy box filled with activities. 

  103. Must have toys (preferably quiet or with headphones) and food

  104. I always get a new toy for the kids, have lots of snacks and make frequent stops if needed!

  105. My little one is two months old, so right now extra clothes and diapers are the biggest necessity for traveling!

  106. RachelleBetow says:

    I just pack a bunch of coloring books/toys/snacks and tell them to deal with it!  I do stop frequently to let them run around in parks and stuff too.

  107. food, entertainment and wipes

  108. Terri Moore says:

    For babies I strung a rope across the back seats and attached clips to them with a few dangling toys and changed the toys to different ones after awhile. Also bring CD's of songs to sing and lots of snacks.  

  109. When traveling with my son, we must always have snacks and juice/water, and plenty of small toys and activities to keep busy. Music also is a big plus. We do not take many long road trips, but when we do, we try to pull out all the stops to keep calm and happy travelers!

  110. My baby is still pretty new but I take at least 2 pacifiers with me at all times.  You never know when one is going to hit the floor.  

  111. Amber Nara says:

    I would love to try this Tear-Free Rinse Pail, Gosh this is gonna be a life saver!!!!! Great creation here!

  112. Amber Nara says:

    Wow I learned this wonderful site exsist!! They have so many great things that I would love to have. The one thing I would want the very most is http://www.thanksmama.com/iCandy_Peach_s/206.htm I think this stroller just rocks!!

  113. Amber Nara says:

    I have learned that they put a great deal of love and prof. care inNEW! Butterfly Kisses to each and every item they make. If I won I would like this pattern NEW! Butterfly Kisses. It would match the theme!!

  114. Amber Nara says:

    I will have to say I liked the whole line of baby products! i think that it would be such an all natural safe way to clean baby! I am excited to try some!  Thank You!

  115. Michelle F. says:

    I just bring my daughters favorite toys so that it keeps her entertained.

  116. Lots of toys, and snacks 

  117. Bring a carrier to wear baby and nurse on the go

  118. Amber Nara says:

    When we travel the 2 simple things that we do that seem to entertain the whole car is 1st: I SPY-From mile post to mile post the take turns! This can be really funny at times and creates tons of laughs(+ its free to cost on items needed) 2nd game is Where are you from! I will explain where are you from the best I can: We have a note book and pen, taking turns writing we write down all the diffrent state license plates that we see! This becaome fun as well. It also helps thim learn abbriviations on diffrent states, as well as my youngest using talley marks and counting by 5's. These are just 2 simple things we do on are travels I hope they are explained well enough.

  119. I went on a road trip this past summer with a 2 1/2 yo and a 7 mo. Needless to say it was grueling trip from NY to WA! I had a portable DVD player for the toddler and the baby slept when he wasnt hungry! A travel bottle warmer is a MUST!!

  120. Kelly Falcone says:

    Mum mum crackers, lots and lots of them!

  121. i was always sure i had their favorite toy & blanket with us!

  122. make sure and always try to have another adult with you. It just makes it easier if you have someone else to laugh with when you are standing on the side of the road freezing while trying to change a poopy diaper 🙂

  123. betty moreno says:

    paciencia y amor 🙂

  124. Jennifer Johansen says:

    We added extra pockets to an apron and keep it attached to the back of the passenger seat; the pockets are filled with activities and books and snacks to keep the little ones occupied during travel time.

  125. So far the breast has been our friend for traveling! That and planning around nap times. I think a successful trip is part knowing your kid and part luck!

  126. domestic diva says:

    Take a deep breathe, smile, and enjoy yourself.  It's about having a good time.

  127. Joan Mantini says:

    Pillow pets and blankets always go in the car with us for long trips.  We plan traveling around naps : )

  128. I always took toys they haven't had for awhile, snacks, drinks, blankets, small pillows.  Played games like I Spy and Ut oh we're lost.  Made a big point of scenery like animals, mountains etc
    Gladys P
    momtograndma at yahoo dot com

  129. I make sure I have new toys or some fun snacks w/ me.

  130. Stephanie Phelps says:

    We travel with lots of books usually Dr Suess

  131. Sarah Davis says:

    pack plenty of snacks and games

  132. Becca Wilson says:

    Making sure that my son has his favorite blanket and stuffed animal!

  133. Molly Bussler says:

    I just try to stay calm and have fun.

  134. I pack new toys

  135. Debbie Jackson says:

    I always try to have 2 adults in the car

  136. The no spill grip nd sip cup from nubbynubby

  137. On thanks mom Sophie the giraffe

  138. The it a Tarik on bob roomsbob rooms

  139. At live lean I love the shampoo!

  140. Keeping him entertained with toys and the iPad!

  141. I pack a lot of snacks and wooden toys!!  Cloth diapers and books

  142. At Nuby, I want to try the iMonster™ Feeding Set!

  143. At Thanks Mama, I like the Kushies Organic Waterproof Taffeta Training Pants.

  144. At Bobbleroos, my favorite fabric is the It's a Truck!

  145. At Live Clean, my favorite is the baby tearless shampoo & wash.

  146. A trick to traveling with my grandson is having lots of snacks, a variety of entertaining DVDs and apps on my iPhone to keep him busy!

  147. wendi watson says:

    nowadays its easier wth all the electronics they play they have music, they have videos lol and snacks!

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