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So 2 Sundays ago (yup, I know, I’m way behind on posting) we put Kiggster in our church’s Sunday program for kids for the first time!  Crazy huh?!  They don’t let in the babies until they’re at least 6 months old so now that she’s 6 months, we thought it was time to let her in!  Honey and I talked about having me in there with her for the first class and then seeing how it goes before we leave her alone in there with the volunteers.  I think that plan was really more for us than Kiggster…she loves being with other people and other kids…and new toys!   When we first got there, we nursed her, but then song time was happening so she didn’t want to be underneath the covers when all the fun was happening outside.  We sang songs with all the other little kids (6months-2years old) and she had so much fun!  Then it was free play…


She totally gave me the You’re-Still-Here-Mama look like she didn’t even need me to be there.  Actually she was totally content with the book and spin top toy that she found…she really didn’t even notice me there the whole class!

That’s Baby Mya w/Kiggster
I think someone’s happy!


Who do you think they’re prank calling?!
Kiggster’s 6 months younger but not lacking in strength!

 Isn’t Baby Mya super cute?!  She’s got these cute pincheable cheeks and pouty lips!!!  Oh and of course, lotsa hair…when do you think Kiggster will have that much hair?!  They seemed to have fun playing together that day!  Well, even though she didn’t take notice of me the whole class, I couldn’t leave ’cause I can’t have her being bullied by other kids OR…

WHAT?!  Is my baby checkin’ out the boys already?!  That’s Baby Shawn comin’ over to play with the Kiggster!  That’s why I couldn’t leave the class ’cause we can’t allow flirting between babies to take place!  They need my adult supervision!

What Mama?! I wasn’t checkin’ out the boys!

They were checkin’ me out!

Baby Genda keepin’ an eye on everyone! 

Baby Mya and Kiggster had Round 2 playtime…

Baby Mya working some serious Jedi-mind tricks!
You will listen to what I tell you…
These are not the toys you want to play with!
Hmmm…Kiggster must be a more powerful Jedi!


I don’t think that worked! =(

I was the one having serious separation anxiety, not the Kiggster!  I just couldn’t leave, couldn’t get myself to do it!  So I just stayed and took pictures of her since she didn’t need me for anything else!


She was #14 on the baby roster for the class!  I had to save the Masking Tape name tag for her scrapbook of course!  Before we knew it, class was over and we were going to go home.  Except for one little glitch…Daddy checked Mama and Baby into the class and he was gonna have to check us both out because he had the check-out tags!  But he wasn’t here yet…

Mama, where r the other kids going?!
Wait, what happened to all my toys?!
Is Dada coming yet for us?!
Dada, is that you?!
Are you over there Dada?!

 Notice how slowly the background has less and less kids, then less and less toys…then no other kids or toys and just her and the blanket?!  Yup, they were all cleaned up but were nice enough to leave her on the blanket until we were checked out!  Honey kept getting stopped by others to talk to him and since it was his first time needing to check out a baby from kids’ kingdom…he didn’t realize we couldn’t leave without him coming back for us!  But he got to us eventually!

Men, they’re never on-time!

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