Kiggster Conquers The Zipline

Kiggster's Gymnastics September 2013 001 copyLike I shared in my previous post, Kiggster has been taking gymnastics  at Junior Gym in San Mateo and she absolutely loves the zipline there! She went a whole month without knowing how to use it and the day I recorded her, figured it out after several attempts!  I loved seeing the joy on her face as she threw back her head and glided down the zipline!  She definitely teaches me lots of life lessons even though she is only 3.  Teaching me that even things that are fun can be difficult to master and if we give up too early, we may never experience the joy and reward that comes at the end!  Don’t give up, try, try, and try again!!!

Here is also another clip, more like a compilation of super fast forwarded clips from when she started gymnastics at the beginning of September.

Do your kids take gymnastics?  Do you feel it has made them do more adventurous things or has it helped them be safer about their crazy moves?


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