Kiggster Update

I just realized that I hadn’t written a post about Kiggster in a long time and she is growing and changing sooooo much that it would be a crime to not share more pictures of her.  Summer has barely begun and she’s already been having a blast with parties and playtimes.

She’s gotten time with her cousins who she doesn’t get to see often but every time she does see them, she doesn’t want them to leave!  Can’t you see why she has so much fun with them, they’re total cuties!!!


She loved playing dress up, putting on puppet shows, being silly, jumping off every object, spinning like crazy on a chair, and other insane acts they could think of.  I loved the picture of our 3 little see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil monkeys, can’t believe they actually listened and let us take a picture of them!

Love My Cousins

Kiggster has also taken to having a big brother and has enjoyed spending time with my future sister-in-law’s little brother (I already think of her as my SIL even though her and my brother are totally dragging their heels)!  He’s a total sweetie pie and he and Kiggster have so much fun together.  I think Kiggster brings out the wild side to him and he helps to calm her down a bit sometimes.  Though, they are very mischievous together and can come up with ways to gang up on Honey, like make him the target for a water blast attack!

Kelly's Bday Picnic

For now, that’s a little teaser of our fun in the sun start of our summer!  I can’t wait to share some more of our adventures…there should, will, need, and have to be many more adventures coming up!  Toodles!


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