Kiggster’s 1st Day of Preschool: Mama Jitters & A Bento Lunch

DSC_0287OMG, when did Kiggster get old enough to start Preschool?!  Technically, she’s not really starting Preschool Preschool but it’s close enough.  I decided when I started staying home with Kiggster last year that I would also try to homeschool her.  I have no idea where to start with that but I figured if she was anything like me in personality and learning style, she would probably not be a “go-to-school” kinda girl.  She seems to love learning just through everyday life, our daily activities with tid bits infused into it.  She doesn’t learning her numbers through me drilling it into her but rather through us singing songs in the car, counting the steps as we walk up and down flights of stairs, etc.  Now she knows her numbers and colors in two languages and even some in ASL and that was all through us living life.  I want her to love learning and not dread it.  I used to be an avid reader…up until there became required reading and I no longer loved it and haven’t really been able to find my love for it again.  I don’t think I have been able to finish reading a whole book since elementary school that I chose to read outside of school.  I don’t know if homeschooling is the perfect or best solution for our family yet but we won’t know if we don’t try, right?!

So even though I decided to homeschool her, I still need a little bit a of break sometimes and give her an opportunity to socialize with other children.  So a couple moms from my church group who also happen to be stay-at-home-moms and I have joined forces and formed a PHC (Preschool Homeschool Co-Op) that we lovingly nicknamed Organized Chaos!   I was a bit nervous leading up to taking her to class, unsure if she would eat the lunch I packed, whether she would even want to go to class, and if she would play well with others.  Well, Thursday, August 29th was her first day of preschool and here was how our morning went…

Preschool Lunchh Day #1

So that was the lunch that I packed her.  That week in PHC, they were focusing on the letter A, color Red, and number 1 so I decided to incorporate those into her lunch too.  She got sliced apples with a bench pressing bear, strawberry trees, cherry tomato balloons, cucumbers, 2 dino nut butter sandwiches, and 1 bear shaped rice ball!  I did get a chance to finish packing it when she woke up…

Preschool Day Bed head HairLook at her crazy bedhead hair!!!  It almost looks like a mushroom top, haha, I am so mean!  Well, she found her lunch box filled with goodies and decided she wanted to dig in, NOW.  So she started eating from it and saying she wanted to eat her lunch!  She was so cute, I couldn’t deny her of a couple bites!

Kiggster's 1st Day Preschool

Then she picked out her own outfit, requested to have a headband, and was ready for her mini photoshoot!  Can you tell she was having quite a bit of fun there?!

Preshool Photos

Then we were ready to head off to school with our packed lunch inside our new horse lunch bag that her bestie gave her and her box full of school supplies!  Oh yeah, that was her still trying to break into her lunch box and “sample” some more of her lunch!  Preschool went pretty well for her first day and I am just glad she gets time to hang out with her friends all at the same time!   Happy Back-To-School to everyone and hope you enjoyed the photos!  But of course I can’t leave without one last photo…actually almost looks like Kiggster’s mug shot, haha!


Update: I was asked by some people where I got the bento lunch box that I used for Kiggster’s lunch above.  It is actually from Laptop Lunches and a basic bento lunch box is around $23.99.  If you want extra or different sized or colored containers, they are sold separately.  Please note that it is my affiliate link above so if you feel uncomfortable with using that, feel free to go directly to their website.


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