Kiggster’s Vintage Cowgirl 2nd Birthday Party

I can't believe Kiggster is now 2 years old!  It seemed like I had been planning her birthday party for awhile now, feels like ever since she turned 1, I started planning for her to turn 2!  Though I really needed her to slow down and not grow up so quickly!  I ended up doing a vintage cowgirl theme for her party filled with pony rides and petting zoo.  Kiggster started having a fascination turned obsession with horses after Honey brought home the movie Spirit, the one about this wild mustang that can't be tamed!  Sounds a lot like Kiggster, she's definitely a wild one!  It seemed like we had borrowed that movie forever from the library-3 weeks plus 2 more renewals = 9 weeks total.  She wanted to watch that movie everyday and sometimes several times each day!  So given her love for horses and animals in general, we had to of course do a little cowgirl party, complete with pony rides and petting zoo!  I chose purple and lime green for the colors, something different than the usual girly pink!  You'll all come to find out, if you haven't already figured it out, that I'm not huge on the pink!  

I just have to thank all our friends and family that came out and celebrated Kiggster's special day with us, she had a blast and even the weather was amazing, which earlier in the week, I was worried it might be too cold or worse, raining!  We had the party at Lemos Farm and below was her invite that we sent out to everyone:

We had the perfect picnic area and even had a bouncy house for the kids…well, some would question if it was really for the kids with the size of the shoes that are scattered outside the bouncy house!  But in their defense, a lot of the kids were really young so some of the parents felt better sitting inside to watch their kids.  

We had yummy desserts at the party filled with cake pops and cupcakes.  The cake pops were horse cake pops and were super cute and moist in the inside. I almost felt bad eating the horse's face but I did anyways!  The cupcakes were made by my bestie who made us surprise cupcakes.  Chocolate cupcake, chocolate frosting, filled with strawberry cream cheese inside!  Yuuuuummy!  Didn't she do such a wonderful job?!  All the cupcakes and cake pops were gone in seconds after singing Happy Birthday!  Plus, we didn't sing until about 1 1/2 hours after the party started and it was hard fighting everyone off the dessert until we got to sing!  I actually had an official cupcake security guard at the party-one of the teens who really wanted a cupcake wouldn't let anyone touch or go near the desserts until it was time to sing, he did a very good job!

Since we had so much yummy sweet goodness at the party already with cake pops and cupcakes, I decided to forgo having a traditional cake and instead went with a fruit cake, literally!  It's a cut watermelon decorated with grapes, blueberries, and hammi melon.  Of course we had to share Kiggster's beloved Kettle Corn at the party with everyone!  We decided to have favors that the little ones could actually use and enjoy so we found cowboy boot and horse shaped crayons, which were perfect!  

I was lucky enough to have found this board at a thrift shop for $1 and I updated it to match the party colors.  What do you think?!  If I can toot my own horn, I think I did a pretty good job! 

You know what's harder than taking a picture of toddlers at a birthday party?!  Taking a picture with family!  I swear it was harder than herding cattle, not that I've ever herded cattle but if I had, it would be even harder than that!  I had this crazy idea of getting everyone on the train before it closed to get a family photo for Kiggster's 2nd birthday memories but I had people say, "It's ok, I don't need to go," "maybe I'll go next time," "Don't wait for me," or "Why do I need to go?"  To say the least, I was determined to get that photo, no matter what it took!  I rallied them up and finally got someone to help us snap a photo that actually had everyone looking at the camera!  Here we all are in line right before I made them hop on the little train ride, the very last ride before we helped shut the farm down for the day!

Thanks so all the family, friends, and vendors that made this party such a smashing success!  See below to see where you can find what you saw in the pictures above!

Location: Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay, CA Picnic Area 7

Decorations (Treat Bag Toppers, Cupcake Toppers, Mini and Large Rosettes, Birthday Banner): Leroy Lime

Horse Cake Pops: Roni's Sugar Creations

Cupcakes: Made by my bestie, Caitlyn

Blank Wooden Triangle Pennants (used for Birthday banner) and Chevron Cupcake Liner Cups: Pick Your Plum

Bandanas: Fabric purchased from Beverlys & cut to size myself

Sheriff's Badges: Local Dollar Store

Invitation: Designed by me on PicMonkey, Sent via Cocodot

Horse and Cowgirl Boot Crayon Favors: Red Elm Design



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  1. looks like fun, love the fruit cake! such a refreshing idea!

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