Wow, what a weekend!  Of course, I don’t really have any photos from this weekend, hopefully I’ll get some soon from my brother (Yep, Jason, that would be you!)!  I may get them when Rayne turns 2 (still haven’t seen any of the photos from May or June of Mother’s Day and his graduation yet).  So it was her belated Red Egg Party/early 1 year old birthday party.  It was at a Chinese restaurant here in SF and of all days, the restaurant got its gas line cut during the party so the food supply was running low to none!  Later we found out it was because Safeway grocery store downstairs needed to cut their gas line for some reason but the restaurant’s got cut by accident instead!  In a way, I was glad that happened because it offered some people a chance to be away from the food, heads up instead of buried in their plates, and they were forced to have conversations with people, some they knew and some they didn’t.

Kiggster has been growing up so much and in the last week or so, she’s been learning to hand things to people…and take them back and trick you too!  That Saturday, she practiced both skills on two different people.  So she was holding a $5 bill and her Yee-Po was trying to get her to give it up and stuck out her hand to Kiggster and said “Give it to Yee-Po!”  Kiggster totally did, handed it over to her hand but just as her Yee-Po went to close her hand on it, Kiggster snatched it back!  This went on about a good dozen times and several times, her Yee-Po got a hold of it and they were having an actual tug-a-war with the money.  Kiggster’s got a good grip!

Then later that night, she had some green beans she was eating, then her Kow-Foo, just for kicks, opens his mouth and wants to have what she’s eating.  She puts it in his mouth!  Well, then she keeps feeding him her green beans, but of course after she’d taken the first bite of it already.  Then he walked away because he didn’t want anymore plain, tasteless green beans (they were from the restaurant and were super oily and salty so I rinsed them thoroughly beforehand).  But after he went back to his own seat, she stuck out her hand that was grasping onto the green beans and said “eh” looking at him like he should come back and finish his green beans!    She only recently learned to really feed herself…and others and it’s been amazing to watch her grow!

She’s also learned to climb things too!


Here’s my little helper in the kitchen, actually on top of the dishwasher door to be exact.  She was actually in the living room playing and I was washing the dishes and she crawled into the kitchen to see what we were doing.  All of a sudden I look over and she was on top of the dishwasher door holding onto the top rack!  When did my baby become so adventurous?!  How come I don’t have a nanny-cam in the house taking 24-hour footage of everything she’s doing?  She’s growing faster than we can catch up and it’s so hard to capture everything when it’s happening!


This month is going to be a busy busy month with all the activities planned.  We’re planning on taking her to a pumpkin patch this Saturday after swimming but we just got invited to another birthday party, this time it’s her BFF/Big Sis’ Jenda’s 2nd birthday.  Everytime Jenda sees Kiggster in Children’s Ministry at church, she’s so protective of her.  She comes over and says “Baby Rayne” and if she’s nursing, she’ll lift the cover and say, “who’s that” or if Kiggster’s crying, she comes over looking really worried and brings her a toy!  Not sure we can make it to all these events but I’d had to have to miss any one of them.  I think this weekend will need some careful planning to make everything work out.  Anyone wanna come to a pumpkin farm with us in Half Moon Bay?!  We’re thinking Lemos Farm, Honey and I always drive by it but never stop in because it’s packed with families and kids whenever we see it!  Happy Tuesday to you all!


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