Lakeside Frenzy

Today is gonna be a crazy day-another of those Palo Alto work days!  I hope it won’t be like last time where I got stuck in traffic and didn’t get to pump for like 8 hours!  That sucked! 

So we talked about Sacramento yesterday…then we were off to our next granola-munchy town of Mt. Shasta. It was gonna be a 3+ hour drive there…according to our map but little did we know that it was going to be mostly 3 hours of  nothin’!  Alright, there was this one nice part when we passed a sunflower field and throughout the drive, you’d see a random sunflower growing on the side of the road probably because the seed got blown there.

Kiggster got hungry not too far into our drive, in the middle of nowhere.  But guess what?!  Far off in the fields of nothing, we saw a sign for Rolling Hills Casino… *sigh* buffet it is!  There really was nothing but the casino for a long while (before or after) and it was of course smoking so we had to sit in the buffet to try to escape some of the smoke and get her comfy for nursing.  The food was…mediocre casino buffet food-it was no Vegas Paris Paris buffet!  It was deep fried green beans (never heard or tried it before but I guess that was their dose of veggies), deep fried oysters, dried salmon, dried deep fried cordon blue bites, and…let’s not go on.  Their redeeming factors were the super nice waitresses, who loved Kiggster of course, and steamed carrots, roast beef, and an ok catfish.  But Kiggster loved it…


We got her cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes from the salad bar after she was done nursing.  Can you tell she’s enjoying it?!


Enjoyed it so much that she wouldn’t even let us take the food out of her mouth for pictures!

Every picture from now on will probably have some food item hanging out of her mouth!  Oh well, it is a phase and we’re loving every moment of it!  Then we were on the road again, headed for Shasta.  On our drive, we realized that I had booked us in Mt. Shasta city rather than by Lake Shasta so we had a little further of a drive to still make it.  We were gonna be staying at Cold Creek Inn-there weren’t really too many pictures available but we booked a room with a queen bed.  We laid down a blanket in the room for her to crawl on the floor but of course, she would crawl out of the blanket onto every other non-covered surface.  We tried!  The Inn had “complimentary continental breakfast” which ended up being those packaged danishes, instant oatmeal, juice packets, apple sauce, canned peaches, and granola bars.  The cool thing though was it was available all the time in their office and not just during breakfast hours.  The Asian in me kicked in and said, “Hey Honey, we could use oatmeal and granola bars during our whole drive, let’s get some extras for our trip!”  So bad, I’m an embarrassment to my hubby and baby!  But that saved us from having breakfast the rest of our trip and from starving when there was no where to stop for food during the drive on the long stretches of nothing.  I was surprised but the apple sauce they had was actually organic at a motel-cool, but that was our first sign of this granola-munchy town! 


That’s Mt. Shasta behind us!  We took a walk that evening after settling into our room.  But everything was already closing by the time we went for our walk.  Although, from looking through the windows and their store signs, not sure we would have enjoyed all the stuff anyways.  It was all about crystals, healing crystals, finding love through the crystals, um, I’m sure there must have been other stuff, but I just remember crystals!  So then instead of wasting our night away, we decided to explore somewhere else.  Honey wanted to go to the lake and after getting directions, we headed off!  So we got there at dusk and it looked so perfect there.  It was a picture perfect scenery, with the water, lake, mountain, and trees.  So a minute into our peaceful and serene lake experience, we realized…we were being BITTEN!  We couldn’t bolt to the car quick enough, all the while, Kiggster couldn’t stop laughing-glad one of us thought it was funny.  It must be that sweet Asian blood of ours because even though we were only there for like a hot minute, all three of us got bitten!  We didn’t even think about how mosquitoes all come out at dusk in these warm weather locations and they especially love hanging out  by the lake…we weren’t alone!  So we headed back into town after we finally caught our breath in the car.  If we couldn’t have lake, we’ll just do dinner!  There was Thai, Japanese, Mexican, and American.  Since we can have good ethnic foods here in SF, I decided we should try Black Bear Diner!  It was a cute restaurant with lots of bear motif all around.  Blackberries were everywhere on the menu, from shakes, lemonades, sauces, to cobblers.  They even had their own hot sauces call Baby Burn (regular cayenne), Mama Burn (Jalapeno), and Papa Burn (Habanero).  They were all really good but we didn’t purchase any for home ’cause we couldn’t think of what we normally put hot sauces into.The restaurant was really friendly about having Kiggster there, but she was so tired from our driving that she just slept most of the meal.  So I ate all her unsalted veggies!  We asked 2 different people that night about the lake and mosquitoes and they all told us they only come out at dusk (right when we went) but by morning, no more.  So we were going to give it another go…



That was our view of the lake when we went the next morning.  Totally different than the night before but both were equally beautiful views.  We still saw a lot of mosquitoes and other flying critters-maybe mid-day would have been better but it wasn’t too bad-only I got bitten again this time! It’s always me!  So we braved it a bit longer and took some more photos and a short prayer thanking God for the beauty surrounding us.






Perfect time for a shadow pic…

After our trip to the lake, it was time to get ready again for the next leg of our trip…Willow Creek, another hippy-dippy town!

So recent Kiggster update:
Tonight when I got home, Honey said that she’d been standing a lot better now.  At first I didn’t know what he meant, maybe that she was more stable holding herself up.  But he meant that she could stand on her own without holding onto anything and not fall for a little while-like 1+ minute!  I witnessed it myself after he left and it was so cool, she wants to stand up all the time now.  She pulls herself up on anything she can get her little hands on, then lets go once she’s on her feet and just stands and stares at you, hoping to get your attention and praise.  Then she attempts to jump or wave her arms up and down, she does it successfully for a little bit before falling.  She’s growing up so fast!

So I also call her my baby Vadar because she sounds just like Darth Vadar when she breathes.  You know she’s in the room from her breathing, it’s totally cute!  Maybe she’ll let me record a sound clip one day!


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