Laundry Elf & Smilebox Baby

I mentioned previously that the Kiggster loves to laugh and giggle these days…sometimes for no reason at all.  Her smile is so contagious and it’s so hard to not laugh with (or at) her!  We were pushing her in the stroller and she was just looking all around her laughing and giggling non-stop.  We couldn’t figure out what shew as laughing about but apparently it was super funny!  I don’t have a video of it but just pretend from looking at the pictures that you can hear her giggling through it!



Then after all laughing, she decided to play with her tongue at the same time-such a multitasker!


Here she is, back to laughing!
So Santa’s got his little elf helpers but I’ve got my own too!  I was doing her laundry and folding some of her clothes the other night and she kept reaching out both her arms for the basket, so naturally I just…
Yup, I stuck her in!  She looks kinda confused, but soon, she’ll get the hang of helping me with the laundry!  She loves playing with all the clothes that I’ve folded…if only I could teach her to help me fold them instead of unfold, she’s got it a little backwards right now!
Help I’m Trapped!
Praying for the laundry to
magically get folded!

Are the clothes still not folded?!
I’m done now mama, can I come out?!

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