Lazy Pool Day

If you haven’t already come to this conclusion on your own, I’ll spell it out plainly: Kiggster looooves water!!!  Over labor day weekend, she spent a lot of time by the pool that Saturday.  First was her usual morning swim class and her Yee-Yee took her that week inside the water.  Then after her beauty rest, Kiggster was ready to hit one of her BFFs 1st birthday party!  She’s gonna have a lot of those to attend these next couple months ’cause they were all born close to each other!  It’s actually gonna be the same house that Kiggster’s 1st birthday party will be at on Saturday, November 5th.  I know, a little ways out but it’s passing by quickly so I am planning ahead.  Mark your calendars!  So they had a little wading pool out at the party for the kids since it was such nice weather…we came prepared!


She needed some persauding at first since she just woke up from her nap but once she saw water being sprinkled out of the watering can, she was ready to hop right in!



Then because the pool was so low, she discovered that there was her favorite grass just right outside!




Sun, water, and grass…what more could a Kiggster ask for?!  A picture with Mommy after swimming…

She looks a little confused…or tired, maybe both!  She had a long day playing with all her buddies that day-life’s hard as a baby!


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