Legoland: Every Child’s Dream Come True

10002982_809480699085251_259305091267915799_nI can’t believe that summer came and went so quickly!  I am just now getting to post about our 2 week vacation in Southern California and we had such a blast!  I can’t wait to share all of it with you! So our first attraction in Southern California was Legoland California and it was our family’s very first time there!  I had no idea what to expect and where to go but I was glad that we had friends who were Legoland veterans who could show us around. I’m pretty sure every child, boy or girl, young or the previously young, have owned a Lego set at some point.  We’ve all played with it, built things, imagined the things we wanted to build with it, stuck a few pieces in places that required tweezers to retrieve (yes my younger sister stuck one up her nose), stepped on some, and more.  But the fun doesn’t stop when you grow up, I know quite a few adults who still buy Legos and not just for their kids, but some more advance sets for themselves!  Now who hasn’t dreamed of building life-size Lego structors and Lego people?!  Well, when you step into Legoland California, it’s like a dream come true…just like for Honey!

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We also got to visit the new Chima Water Park!   It is nestled inside their regular water park area so you will pass all the regular water park attractions before getting to the Chima area.  There were tons for the older kids to do higher up in the water area but plenty to occupy the younger ones in the perimeter too.  You could shoot water from the squirters surrounding the water area.  Roo gets a little reserved around large crowds so she did not want to play in the water area that day.  However, there are actually a lot of non-water activities in that area.  They had a section where you could make lego boats and float them down this “stream.” Then there was an area where you could actually play with the Chima toys and race them up and down a ramp.  She actually played in this area a lot more and enjoyed racing them on the ramp.  Well, to be honest, I think Honey enjoyed it even more than Roo did!  I think it brought out his inner child being at Legoland especially inside the Chima Water Park.  He couldn’t wait to take her exploring around, playing with the Chima toys and seeing all the things that are made with Legos!

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When we finally made our way back out to the main area of Legoland, we were ready for a quick ride before eating lunch!  Roo was able to drive her own Lego vehicle  and receive a driver’s license too!  There is a separate section for younger kids, ages 3-5 and another race course for older kids.  The vehicles in the younger kids section goes significantly slower but I have to say, Roo enjoyed it just as much since it gives her full control of not only pressing the gas pedal but turning whichever way she wanted!   Let’s just say she likes the control!  They also had machines available to have your driver’s license made, though it didn’t seem to be working properly when we were using it that day.  I think this might have been her favorite and our favorite too because she always wants to drive our real car so this has to be the best alternative!

Drivers Ed Collage.png

Ok, I have to say, Legoland has some of the best food that I’ve had at a theme park!  We ate lunch at the Fun Town Market near the driving course and there were a lot of good options there at a decent theme park price.  They had a kids’ section where you can build a kid’s kit by picking a Legoland bag, a kid’s entree, a drink and a bag of chips for under $9.  The entree items for the kids weren’t what Roo was interested in that day so we asked if we could substitute it with pasta instead and they allowed it!  Friends that we were with were able to find gluten free options at the Fun Town Market also.  One of our favorite items was probably their Signature Spanish Churros, which were super yummy, good thing they gave us enough to share!  DSC_0166

We did not have the time to go to the Aquarium section of Legoland but we had such a fun-filled day already with all the exploring we had already done.  We loved seeing all the animals, people and structures that are made possible with Legos and even all the small details throughout the park.  We highly recommend heading to Legoland park if you are traveling to Southern California.  For more information, check out the Legoland website and  like their Facebook page for updated deals.  We hope you enjoy Legoland as much as we did!

For those of you who have visited the park before, what are your favorite attractions to visit?


Kangaroo Mama was provided free tickets from the sponsor company for review but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company. 


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