So I finally finished a couple items for the Kiggster.  I talked about finishing her tutu previously and despite some technical issues, I finally finished it and got to taking some pictures.  I also was able to finish making 2 flower headband/clips for her too!  They were fun to make, thanks to these easy tutorials that I got!   I looked at a lot of different people offering tutorials off Etsy and I boiled down to two people, BirdSongBows and Snazziedrawers but couldn’t choose after that because they are so different. BirdSongBows had of course, bows, some flowers, and tutus but Snazziedrawers had flowers and even clothes patterns.  I read all their reviews, read how their tutorials were filled with pics and easy to follow instructions, saw how responsive they were to their customers on Facebook and I knew those were the two collections I had to own.  I think I made the best choices possible with these two!

We finally got a sunny day a couple weekends ago, so Honey and I took her to a grassy lawn and let her go wild!  Well, the HUGE tutu I made limited her quite a bit in being able to crawl but she looked so cute though…

I made it a little big but I was thinking maybe she could “grow into it” but I probably should have just made it her size.  I got the tutorials from BirdSongBows and started with their tutu first since that’s what I’ve been wanting to make for while now but didn’t like the ridiculous price tag that came with the store-bought tutus.

 Loved the shadow in this photo!


As you can tell, she wasn’t going very far with the sea of tulle!


Oh look, Tulle-Butt!!!  I would have to say my first attempt at making something went pretty well, much better than anticipated, though not flawless because this I still had this happen…


There’s a gaping space between where the tulle meets because I didn’t have elastic at home so I just used a satin ribbon as the waist instead.  But even when I tie it to the tightest, for some reason, the tulle just doesn’t really meet and exposes a lot of her back-fine if I just take pictures in the front but I know it’s there so it bothers me.  Any tips or help with trouble-shooting this tutu?!

Ok, onto my flowers…

I also bought tutorials from Snazziedrawers to learn to make some flower headbands for Kiggster and I’d have to say they didn’t turn out too bad.  This one is the Audrey flower-I only started with this one because it was one of the 1st on the collection since it started with an “A” but after looking at several more flower tutorials, I would have chosen another to start with first that didn’t require me to do so much cutting.  I cut with regular scissors because I wasn’t able to get a pair of fabric scissors yet and let’s say, that was a bad idea (the tutorial also warned against that but I was anxious to start).  Even Honey helped and after a couple, he wanted to stop and read his comics because his fingers hurt…yup, his exact words too!  I got through it though but used scrap cotton fabric that I had inherited off Craigslist but it didn’t turn out as pretty as the ones in the tutorial.  After posting a picture on Snazziedrawer’s facebook page and asking for help, I got some great advice from Joy (creator of Snazziedrawers) and her fans on how to snazz it up!  I think I should have made a smaller flower though ’cause it looks like what old-school doctor’s would have on their heads back in the day (can’t remember what it was called).  Well, I guess there’s a flower ready when her head gets bigger!



Since the flower is almost the size of her head (Ok not that big), I kept flipping her headband around to different positions to try to keep it from casting a shadow over her face. 



She loves her flowers and I can’t seem to keep her from sticking them in her mouth!  Then I took of the tutu and flower and put on the 2nd flower that I had made for her (Honey said the tutu was overkill for all the pictures and I should do some without it)!


This one is the Isabella flower-much easier to make and imperfections make it look even better-that’s my kinda flower!  I wish I would have started with this one first!




I love it when I can catch pictures of her smiling…have I said this before-I loooove my baby!


As you can tell, she crawled a lot better with out the gazillion layers of tulle!  I think for the next tutu I’m making her for Halloween, I’m going to do a lot less tulle and make it a lot shorter too so she can move around easier! Honey was trying to tell me that 1 tutu is enough but I was convinced by others that one can never have too many tutus, flowers, and bows-that’s how I feel about my clothes and accessories too!  I think I’m passing onto her my shopping addiction…eek!

Our parting family photo-can’t ever get her to look at the camera!
By the way, Snazziedrawers is part of a huge giveaway and you could also win some great prizes. Go check out Reverie-For Musings and Other Delightful Things to find out more about how to enter the giveaway! They have a cute blog too that I’m going to be submerging myself in once I get a chance ’cause I could use some more inspiration!


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