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Ok I totally posted this Wednesday, but then it didn’t go through AND didn’t save my post so I am starting over again!  Sorry, didn’t realize you all were all going through total Rayne-withdrawals already!

So Mother’s Day was this past Sunday and it was a busy one! Honey decided to celebrate with me on Saturday so besides celebrating our mom’s mother’s days, I would also now have my very own mom’s day!  He took me to brunch at the Slow Club near our place.  Such a funny name, made me wonder if service and stuff would live up to its name!  The place was not slow but rather nice!  I had a turkey sausage hash and Honey had the frittata.  Both were pretty tasty!  We got to brunch around 11ish so it was more lunch time actually.  Kiggster was such a good girl and sat in her high chair, playing for awhile with her toy!

There were lotsa other kids there and pregnant mamas so they were running low on high chairs!  Of course we had to take some pictures before the food came…and while Kiggster was still awake!

You can’t tell from the pictures, but I did have a dress on-it feels like it’s been awhile!  I know, it was kinda freezing outside, but hey, I bought the dress, so I’m gonna wear it!  Of course when the food came…


Yup, she was fast asleep, even in a restaurant full of people and music.  We got some nice time talking and eating together.  After our brunch, we headed over to our garden (of course we went home to change into “gardening” clothes first)!  It was kinda cold and freezing but we just had to do it!  No better time right?!  So when we first got there, Honey said to me, “Honey, there’s something growing inside our plot!”  WHAT?!  Who stole our plot, it’s ours!  I was thinking someone decided to expand their borders and plant stuff into our garden plot but instead this is what I saw when I walked over…

Remember the pumpkin/squash plant that we found after we pulled all the weeds?!  There are its offspring!  There were about 20+ of them growing all around our little plot, all having emerged in the last 2 weeks that we were there pulling weeds.  Apparently, it seems the previous owners planted a whole pumpkin and just hoped the seeds would grow.  Well, after the weeds were pulled, they certainly did and had quite the roots on them too!  We couldn’t bear to just throw them out so we transplanted them into individual pots instead to see which ones would survive.  I just hoped that I didn’t break any of the roots in the process by accident!  Man it took forever doing that!  The little plot was also deceptively large and deep because after wheeling over about 5 barrels full of soil, it only filled about 1/3 of the plot! 

You notice the tree above our plot?  You remember previously, it was a barren tree, kinda sad looking with no leaves?!  Well within about 2 weeks, it’s gotten beautiful leaves and apple blossoms.  No I couldn’t tell by looking at it that it was an apple tree but a little birdie let me in on the secret!


So 3 hours later, we had about 20 pots of pumpkin seedlings, 1/3 of our plot filled with soil, and 1 row each of “Cosmic Purple” carrots, chard, and butterhead lettuce seeds sown.


Doesn’t that hat look so funny on Kiggster?!  At one point she was sitting in her carseat with one leg hiked up the side of the carseat and she totally looked like a gangsta baby!  Wind was picking up more so it was time to leave and head to a party!  Grow little seeds, GROW!

So actual Mother’s Day, we went to church that morning and Honey and his mom were sharing during the mother’s day service!  I got to be an Egg-cessory and stand next to Honey holding his hand while he shared!  He’s a great speaker!  Kiggster was watching us from the audience jumping up and down on our friend’s lap and doing this crazy wiggle with her booty and back that I have named the Tootsie Roll!  Maybe if I can ever be quick enough to catch it on video, I’ll have to show you all!  After service, we picked up our tomato babies from an etsy seller on our way to my parent’s house for dinner.  We purchase tomato starts for cherry tomatoes called “Fox Cherry,” “Snowberry,” and “Yellow Pear.”  I can’t wait to try them!  So we were celebrating Mother’s Day at my mom’s house and decided instead of fighting the crowds and mediocre food & service, we would eat at home.  On the menu were Design Your Own Pizzas and Tacos.  Well, there was supposed to be my Honey’s awesomely delicious Eggplant Parmigiana BUT I was a dodo bird and dropped it on the floor, breaking the pyrex dish into pieces all over the food! Food was yummy and filling.  Tina and I even stole Jason’s camera to take pictures of the Kiggster but didn’t realize we had it on the wrong setting…who knew!  So all the pictures came out really bright looking.  Some of them still looked really nice-giving it a really cool ethereal look, if only I had angel wings on her!  Jason, give me the pictures!!!!

Recent Kiggster Updates:
Since the above posting was older, here are some newer updates on things she’s doing…

We did mention last Friday she had her 1st avocado, well, on Tuesday, I took her to a starting solid foods class with.  I know there’s lots of classes and books but most of the books and advice that I got just wasn’t what I wanted to do.  I heard from almost everyone that I should start her on rice cereal, no spices, 1 food at a time for 5 days, etc.  My gut instincts were (and confirmed after reading an awesome book called Feeding Baby Green by Dr. Alan Greene), bag that, I just couldn’t get myself to give her boring rice cereal as a 1st food, blah!  No spices?!  How is dried basil different than real basil?!  1 food at a time for 5 days?!  I can’t stand eating the same thing 1 day in a row, let alone 5 so why would it be different for a baby?!  She’s had all these flavors and foods in the amniotic fluids and through breastmilk so it’s not like its completely new to her.  I did a lot of research to find an expert that I felt was more in-line with my thinking to give me more advice and answer my millions of questions.

This coincided with my search for a better Pediatrician, however, sad to report, we cannot afford anything besides mediocre or worse, crappy HMO docs!  So Honey and I decided that we would just have to take classes on the things that we need more advice on.  There was one pediatrician who from her website seemed to be inline with what I wanted in terms of starting solid foods and their office was willing to let me take their class for free to see if I liked their office.  I loved their office but hated the price of what we’d be paying if we were to sign up with them.  Actually, I might sign up with them if our finances were in a different place but right now, I hate the price tag!  In the class, the nurse practitioner would speak about why wait/not wait on certain foods, what are good things to avoid and ones that are good to introduce, then afterwards, Little City Kitchen did a cooking demonstration!  Woohoo!  It was so easy to make, which is exactly what I envisioned it would be!  I had pictured Kiggster eating the same foods that Honey and I would eat but in a somewhat mashed up version but was afraid that I didn’t have enough knowledge to feel confident starting her on everything I had envisioned.  After the class and all the information they gave us, I was confident and inspired to go home and start serving her what we ate!  We even got to take samples home so that evening she tried avocado and bananas and liked it!  Then the next day, golden beets w/a hint of sweet potatos, then yesterday it was sweet potato w/coconut milk, and this morning, straight from inside our breakfast bowls, strawberry-cinnamon oatmeal!  She’s been quite excited about foods and will totally grab the spoon and put it into her mouth-well she’s teething too so everything goes in the mouth these days!  But she’s smiley and giggley when it’s food time and has been quite adventurous!  I am so glad I went with my gut instincts and did what I felt was right for our family.  Note, I said our family, not your family or everyone else’s family!  Once again, I go back to my saying, One size does NOT fit all!  This is a personal choice for us and I feel like sometimes people get offended when I tell them what we decided to do.  Maybe because they feel like I’m telling them what they did or are doing is wrong.  It’s not, just different than what I’m choosing.  You’ll come to find out, we’re not conventional parents, we’ve pretty much done things a bit different than others we know.  Ok, off topic I know, we’ll have another post about the “unconventional” things we did or are doing!

So remember last Thursday we went to the library and borrowed a million books?!  We read daily to Kiggster and her newest discovery with the books is quite hilarious!  So you know the whole fingernails against chalkboard effect?!  Think that but moist little baby hands against smooth glossy book pages!  So she discovered that when she glides her palm against the pages, it makes this funny noise.  So she would do that with one hand…then the other…then BOTH together!  She even tries with pages that aren’t glossy and she’s not so stoked about it not making any noise though.  It’s really funny when I’m doing storytime with her in the room and Honey can hear the noises she’s making in the kitchen while he’s getting dinner ready!  Kiggster is totally the cutest baby ever!


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