Mermaid Baby

So this past weekend, Kiggster, Honey and I went to Monterey to visit a friend of ours, Amy and her son, Henry!

Us getting ready for our drive!
Some snuggles for the road!  
Resting up during the drive!

Amy & Henry took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and it was our first time there as a family.  I think the last time I was there, I was in high school but I don’t remember much though!  I think the Kiggster had fun looking around at the different fishes in the aquarium.  She also got to sit in her stroller seat for the first time, usually we snap on her car seat to the stroller but this time, we thought she was old enough now to enjoy her stroller!

There were two exhibits that I believe were her favorite though…

She was at first scared of the penguins swimming by, but then quickly, she became fascinated by them!  Can’t you already imagine her swimming with the fishes?!  I can’t wait to take her to swimming lessons!  I especially want her to learn since I don’t know how to swim-sad I know.  Maybe her baby swim classes could teach me a thing or two!

Then there was the extensive seahorse exhibit!  She was entranced by them too!  There were so many different types and they were sooo cute!  Did you know that the male seahorses are the ones that get pregnant and give birth to baby seahorses?!  Hmmm…



She loved touching all the starfishes and wasn’t even afraid!  She even touched this funny sea creature called Gumboot Chiton, which was really soft and squishy like her toys!


Just a mini photo op by the huge fish tank…and her squishing my face with a face snuggle!

There was a kid/baby section at the aquarium and it was pretty cool.  There was a section there called Ocean Waves where kids can lay down on what seems like a water bed and when adults push down on the “water bed” it rocks like how ocean waves would feel like.  We laid her down and she was just totally chillin’ out, she enjoying being rocked!  Then when another baby boy, 4 months younger than her, came to join her…I think she started flirting or bullying, don’t know which it was!

Look, I found a treasure at the aquarium…


Awww, my baby pearl, trying to break out of her clam shell home already!!!

So it was a long weekend and that means there’s more to share but can’t do it all in this posting.  Hope you enjoyed our trip to the aquarium together!  By the way, an update on Yan-Yan’s Garden: the strawberries are lovin’ the garden but can’t say the same for the lettuce, chard, and carrots.  We just started sowing the seeds at home first and then we’ll have to transplant them to the garden once they’ve sprouted!  We’re hoping for a good strawberry harvest this season.  We just might share some yummy, juicy strawberries with you if you come to visit us at Yan-Yan’s Garden!


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