Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone.  We hope that your holiday season is over-flowing with love, joy, cheer, and peace (need that with the mall crowds)!  This has been a wonderful time so far and we’re looking forward to the festivities continuing this weekend.  Kiggster would like to wish you all a holly, jolly Christmas…

Kiggster was scared of the mall Santa the first time we went to let her visit Santa…she just cried.  Then she saw Father Christmas when we were in the town of  Columbia because he was less intimidating.  Then this third encounter, she did a little bit better.  Notice though how she didn’t want to be held by him or right next to him.  She allowed us to be there with her and snap a picture.  This was in the town of Copperopolis on our drive home from our trip.  Honey and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last week and I definitely have the most amazing husband in the world  I married an amazing man and best friend.  A coworker said to me, when she heard that we’d been married for 6 years, “Oh, it probably feels like you guys are an old married couple now huh?!”  I said, “I hope so, I’d like for us to become an old married couple together!”  I love you Honey!


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