So by the time I post this, it won’t be random Wednesday anymore but at least I tried!  We went on Kiggster very first carousel right like 2 weekends ago and she absolutely loved it!  We went to Yerba Buena Gardens and while Kiggster had the time of her life on the carousel, both Honey and I were gettin’ a little motion-sickness ’cause the carousel was going so fast!  We couldn’t believe that the carousel was for kids with that kinda speed, you’d think they got it mixed up with a Great America ride!







Here’s Amy & Henry on the carousel with us!


Great, 1st the pole cover’s half of Honey’s face, then the horse’s ear!  There goes our family photo together on Kiggster’s 1st carousel ride…actual it’s our 1st carousel ride together as a couple and as a family! 
So I did say I missed her 7 month birthday last week right?!  Well, we still had to get some pictures, even if it was after the fact!
Ok, doesn’t that shirt totally look like something from the Victorian era with the puffed sleeves-like I stuck some huge shoulder pads underneath!  But it was too funny to take off of course, so she wore it the rest of the day!



She was very fascinated with her monthly sticker!
Another randomness for today is how much fun Kiggster had with a yellow balloon.  Honey was letting a little yellow balloon float up and down the floor and she couldn’t stop laughing and giggling.  She was very entertained-these days, it seems that everything makes her laugh, which is awesome!
So I hope you guys enjoyed our random Wednesday photos and stay tuned because hopefully tomorrow I can post some potential contest photos…if work would give me some breathing room! Good night now…and Happy Thursday (past midnight now)!

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